Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea weekly wrap-up

We have come again to another Friday Fragments, my weekly wrap-up and unloading of the jumbled thoughts running through my brain all this week….I caught a few to put in here today 😉  Please click over to discover all the fragmenting and week wrapping that goes on with Mrs. 4444 and with the Homeschool crew!!

The last 2 weeks of Homeschooling have been almost from a dream!!  The kids readily head down to the school room (we host ours in space in the basement, where I don’t have to see any of the clutter 😉  We have been at the school desk by 0900 every day, with only a couple exceptions.  The attitudes have been stellar and we have had a great time.  I want to bottle this sensation for later… I just might need it!

What I really loved about this week of school… we started our Monday with making a music video.  Yep, you read that right, a music video.  Music is a huge thing in our house, we put the iTouch on the surround sound, and we will mosh and dance away pounds, bad attitudes, cabin fever… whatever.  I am trying to discover fun ways to start each school week so the attitudes stay positive for our school work.  I keep threatening to share with you our love of music… so when I get all the editing done, I will post it and share with you our creative school week start up!!

Now, a bummer with schooling the last couple weeks are the sissy pencils.  I didn’t buy cheapo pencils this time, and the carn-sarned things keep breaking or the lead will pop off after we sharpen them 😦  Any suggestions for pencil success would be appreciated.

Princess went to the Doc this week hoping to get her cast taken off… that didn’t happen.  Looking at the xray, the bone folks want her arm to stray straight in her cast for another 2 weeks.  We just don’t want the bone to grow back into her joint, especially after her surgery got the thing so straight!

So they took out the plastic spacers, tightened her cast, and slapped at bright pink cover on it.  Yes, she chose the bright pink cover… so now I have to look at this neon pink thing walking around my house.  Ah, the things we do for our children, eh??

I have a couple things to unload about my 120lb shadow.  You all remember my tri-colored, 120lb, attention needy shadow, right??

First, my beast had an anxiety attack.  Seriously.  We dropped him off at our friend’s house when we were trying to rush home to see my dad before his surgery.  Our dog attempted to eat his blanket, he got sick after eating his blanket, and passed large chunks of his blanket at our friend’s house.  Thankfully, they are still our friends!!!  But our beast apparently does not do well when he feels suddenly abandoned by us.  Crazy animal.

Today (Tuesday) I am trying to locate a decently priced place to get him groomed.  He needs a bath and a good brushing… I don’t have nice enough weather, a good enough hose, or the time this week to manage this myself.  He got into something like sap and his under belly is caked.  He is also doing a ton of shedding as the weather here goes cold/warm/cold/warm.  I like my beast quite a bit, but I don’t like looking like I have fur after petting him 😉  And the sticky is really just yucky…. and he needs his nails clipped… I will NEVER allow that to be video taped.  It is not pretty.

Okay, I have to share this.  My cousin, whom I grew up with, is my texting buddy.  He keeps me chuckling throughout the day.  He works a government job in the midwest… (he is blue, I am red… politically we well 😉

With Brad Paisley playing on the iPod I think we will declare this stress free Tuesday, so no matter what we will not get worked up…

Even if I have to hide the bodies it will be stress free…

Just remember, the bodies always bloat and float to the top of the lake 😉

We had a fun lunch situation happen this week as well.  Our 9 month was happily sitting in his chair eating finger foods, I was across the breakfast bar putting away the dishes from the washer.  A commotion rose up and my 6yr old was yelling “mom, mom come quick”    I look over to see only the diaper butt of my baby and the 6yr old standing next to the highchair holding onto what I knew was the other half of the baby.  Apparently Noah had dropped his sippy cup and was simply going after it.  Since this child does not display all the insanity of my older boys, I never belt him into his chair.  I guess that will now change 😉  I rushed over and  righted the baby, also I handed him his cup.  His face was just as comical as the event because he truly looked shocked at how it all went down.
I hope you all had a great week and have yourselves a great weekend!!

15 thoughts on “Friday Fragments”

  1. Our dog is shedding like mad, too. I’m tired of wearing a “fur coat” every where I go. I don’t think I could make homeschooling work, but it sounds like it’s going well for you. Here’s to another great week.

  2. Hey, there! I am a fellow Chaplain’s wife and a friend of Jamie’s. I checked out your blog recently and liked it so much, I keep coming back… I know we don’t know each other, but I hope you don’t mind? Have a great weekend… and many blessings to you! 🙂

  3. I want to go to your school! :)I really don’t like to use mechanical pencils, but my students LOVE them. The Ticonderoga brand works well for me.Poor doggy. Ours is in desperate need of a wash and trim, too. One of these days…

  4. Oh wow…sounds like a busy but fun filled week. And the pencils…I don’t know. I’ve actually not had too much trouble with the $$ store ones they put out at the holidays. Then Penway makes triangle ones the kids liked. And with you on the dog nail thing. Sadly, our old dog was just put down because he couldnt’ walk, so no more clippers. I got one of those Pedi Paws things for the little dogs. It’s great! (Reminds me, need batteries). Take care!Always,Tamara

  5. I 2nd the motion for mechanical pencils, I ALWAYS preferred them. then you can pick thick or thin leads (I prefer thick) I was very confused about the you/Sam , red/blue thing and thought you got it wrong. Now i understand…I think. Spring shedding is the worst! Belle sheds a small dog each time I brush her. We don’t need any more small animals around here!!

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