Ride into the Fragger Zone

birthday cake photo: Birthday Cake 01 Birthday-cake-01.jpgIt’s another Friday and the fragments are screaming through the cyber miles to share themselves with you. Are you ready to ride into the Fragger Zone?

Oh hey, grab a piece of cake and read through a fragmented week. It is actually my birthday today. I had planned to have this week of fun for my birthday this year (since I am turning one of those insignificant numbers), but alas….the good idea fairy didn’t visit. So we shall do those fun things on my blogger birthday in July, ok?? My mother did write a guest post for my birthday. You can check that out here.

Mommy's Idea


A friend of ours is a retired fighter pilot, Air Force. He has some really amazing memorabilia in his home. One of the coolest things to see are the snap shots of him with his jet right next to the photos of his father beside his own jet. They are really neat to see πŸ™‚

He also helped put together this book. Wow, what an amazing book and amazing photos.

We are hoping to tour the fighter wing soon, but you know the military. We are waiting for clearance and such 😦


I saw this on Twitter this week, it is so true!!

Toddlers know when parents haven’t had coffee yet. Say “good morning” and they just stare for 10 seconds trying to place you.
β€” Honest Toddler (@HonestToddler) March 5, 2013


Links to share:

My hubby wrote a very funny, albeit sarcastic, post on parenting called 10 Tips for Being a Totally Awesome Parent. It may shock most of you, but there are actually parents out there who just don’t care to be a parent.

My middle sister is back to blogging. She has gotten into sewing and being a SAHM. If you would like to go say howdy, she is found at My Cloth Addiction.

There were some amusing moments in our house this week. I wrote about them in: Live Theater at Home. Just in case you missed it πŸ˜‰

This post shares the story of an army wife from WWII and how she made her husband stand outΒ  in a sea of green. Very touching!


Tuesday was a day spent in tense prayer. My cousin Micah was found in alongside the road in his home town. He had tried to walk home from a party. The police thought he was just needing to sleep off the ‘party’ effects, but Monday morning he was unresponsive and rushed to the ER. He is only 25.

I shed tears of joy when I heard that Micah was tracking things with his eyes and moving his toes around 3pm CST on Tuesday. We are still praying for his body to recover. I want to see his smile again and get one big bear hug from my ‘little’ cousin!!


How do you all read blogs? I prefer to read on my iPad via Google Reader, but hubby likes his emailed. I really like reading on the reader format EXCEPT that I can’t comment on any Disqus blogs. I will log in, but the happy ‘thinking’ wheel spins for all eternity till I quit in frustration.


And finally, the annual birthday card from my father. I love these cards!!! They brighten my day and I hope it brightens yours. I mean, who doesn’t love a talking English Bulldog??


16 thoughts on “Ride into the Fragger Zone”

  1. I hope your cousin has a fast and full recovery-how scary!I read blogs in my reader. I usually click on the actual blog via my reader, because I comment on most that I read. Not all, but most. I am a huge fan of Honest Toddler. I think it’s the funniest thing on Twitter! Enjoy your weekend : )

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I had the same issue with the ‘good idea fairy’ not visiting in December – I’m thinking an Un-Birthday celebration in June is in order. ;)How cool about your air-force pilot friend! Awww! I hope your cousin has a speedy recovery – did they figure out what happened?I find I’m more focused if I’m reading blogs on my laptop – when I read them on my tablet I have issues leaving comments, and forget to go back later. πŸ™‚Another Winter Storm Dud and some Funnies

    1. You know, the unbirthday idea works for me πŸ˜‰ Thank you for your kind thoughts with my cousin. Yes they know what happened, but I am not at liberty to say.

    1. Me too. It struck me yesterday when I was reading your blog that we really are about as far away from each other as possible right now 😦 Raised coffee cup back atcha!!

  3. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAY!! Enjoy and relax!As I get older, I think Blogger Bday sounds better and better. Then I can pretend to be young. :)I’m sorry to hear about Micah. I sure hope he recovers.

    1. Oh yea, this getting old is for the birds!! I was warned about the aches and pains, but totally passed it off. I thought I would have that hyperactivity forever…turns out the kids sap it from you! Who knew???Thank you for your kind thoughts. You are watching the same sort of thing unfold with your friend’s son 😦 It’s rough.

  4. Happy Birthday! Totally agree with the Toddler thing πŸ™‚ I like to read my blogs on my computer by searching for them. I can’t do the feeder thing cause it seems like every 5th blog uses a different feeder, and disquiss hates me anyway. I’m a new reader and poster from FF glad to have found you!

  5. Happy birthday! I’m sorry to hear about your cousin. I hope he’s doing better soon. I’ve heard that some people have not been able to comment on my Disqus blog, due to an incompatible browser. I wonder if this is an iPad thing. Hmmm…. Me, I just read them on my laptop. I use Google Chrome as my browser.

  6. I like to click right over to the blogs I want to read. I prefer doing this for rom my lappy but when I’m too lazy to get up off the couch I do it from my note II tablet phone.

    1. I do prefer to read them on the computer too, but I get my blog reading done when the kids are doing school. They do social studies, science, typing, and Spanish on the computer, so I get the ‘remote access’ thing πŸ˜‰ Then I really get frustrated when I can’t comment because I like to interact… don’tcha know.

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