My cute niece!!

I am just going to have to get over it, but the last couple days my sisters and my parents, along with my niece have been running around my hometown together.  They are laughing (I know it, I can HEAR them!), they are eating together, and driving together!!  See, we did all these driving family vacations and I loved them.  We played games and my mother would read to us.  It was wonderful.  Driving with my family brings back all those lovely memories and I just know they are making more 😦  My sisters even went together to the OB appt and got to hear my new niece or nephew’s heart beat.  Oh well, I said I would get over it, right….

If you click on the link above (my cute niece) it will take you to my sister’s blog and a cute little video of my niece. You can see my dad’s arm (he is doing GREAT after his heart surgery!!!) and Bea’s arm pointing at the ‘shells’.  It is just so much fun to see and hear my family.  Just wish I was there…

Side Note: if you are visiting from last week’s Weekly Wrap-up, I am behind in my reading, but I will be working through the rest of those postings tomorrow, or the next day.

5 thoughts on “My cute niece!!”

  1. I’ve had those times where I’m not quite envious of friends/families fun, just sort of sad I wasn’t invited along for that fun! This to shall pass. I’m sure they missed you Kay!

  2. Oh my goodness, Kay!! Your blog has had an AMAZING transformation. I love it!And how sweet, that your mom used to read to you on car trips. My own family “car trip” memories were much less pleasant, although I did enjoy listening to the yearly countdown on the radio during those times we were coming home on New Year’s Eve. Jeanine

  3. Oh, isn’t that the worst? My hubby and I have the only grandkids/neices/nephews on BOTH sides of our family, but my brother just announced that he and his wife are expecting… and I’m the only one that lives 3000 miles away. So exciting, but kinda bummed that I’m missing out!

  4. Yes, I should have put in there that the ONLY reason I was not around is the 5 state difference that Uncle Sam has placed on my family. I am always welcome… bwahahahaha, who else is going to keep my sisters from finishing their story, or their milk?? 😉

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