So much, and So little…

Good-Day folks, it is actually Saturday!  You may notice my blog really has nothing new going on, NOTHING!  That has everything to do with my week.  I knew it was going to happen when I looked at the calender.  I also knew that I had a personal deadline with our family website.  These 2 massive things converged at one time.  I guess I need to start putting personal goals on the calender as well.  That would help me out in many ways.  I can’t even find a loophole argument for it.  My hubby and my sister both have given me PDA’s and I can’t seem to keep either one charged to keep my life orderly. 

In a nutshell, Bekah gets the focus of the week.  We had 2 major appointments this week for her arm.  One was to finally get her cast off.  And that is a post all in itself.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a short fuse when it comes to hurting or scaring my loved ones.  The nurse who removed Bekah’s cast was trained in the Army with the bedside manner of a Drill SGT.  This was not a good combination with my daughter and her extremely low threshold of pain tolerance.  My daughter told her daddy that night that “mommy was giving her the ‘i am going to hurt you’ look, the nurse looked scared.”   I did wonder why the nurse changed her tune and left us alone, hmmmm….

Then we got sort of a normal day of school in Tuesday, as much as we could with a teething 10mos on our hands.  This darling dimpled child has decided that not even dad will do.  If mommy is not in eyesight, there is a major crisis.  That also means no nursery at church…. have i ever mentioned to you all that I am a 2 foot bubble type??  I don’t prefer to snuggle, I just want my bubble respected.  I live with 6 other people who don’t share this view.  And now I have a baby that has turned leach on me.

Wednesday we had another 45min drive (you gatta love the DC area traffic) to get Bekah’s brace for her arm.  That was fun for me, I acquired a new tool (woohoo, tools!!!) and her brace helps stretch her elbow joint in and out.  It is fun but painful for the girl child.  Please see above for my daughter dealing with any pain.

That afternoon we had the pleasure of having a dinner party with some folks from church.  I love hosting, I really do.  I married a man who prefers very small settings, only one other couple/family at a time.  Very hard for me to adapt to, but I am working on this.

Thurs and Fri we had normal full days of school with all the school we skipped earlier this week.  Friday night we had a birthday party with a co-worker of my hubby’s.  It was loud and fun!!  He had finally finished his first batch of home brewed beer.  I actually thought it was not bad, but I don’t drink beer.

Today, hubby is at 24hr duty (oh yucky!).  The kids and I have taken out splinters, bagged lawn junk, cleaned and swept out the garage, located clothing bins I need for the 6yr old, and I have discovered that I don’t have anything I need for the 12month sized baby.  So that is next for me I guess.  Hooray for eBay!!

I also got our Tapestry of Grace books for next year.  I plan to read over that today so I can better understand what we are doing for school next year.  Major change from how we roll now, so I hope to hit a seminar about it.  I want to do this well!!!  It will be helpful to go through this and will blog all about this later.  You survived the dumping, it’s out of my brain, hoo-ah!!  Now to finish burning sticks in the fire place and surviving the day without daddy… have a good one!!

Oh, here is the website that I have been slaving over for 2 months.  Please give any critiques, including background color things.  It needs to be professional.  Cleaving to Christ

4 thoughts on “So much, and So little…”

  1. I love both this page AND your new one. I think the new one looks great. I was thinking it needed a photo of you (or someone), but then I saw one on the About tab, and I think that’s perfect; it keeps the focus where it needs to be.I enjoyed this update post–You’ve been very busy! I’m glad things are going well for you 🙂

  2. thank you so much for your feedback, mrs. 4444!! it is greatly appreciated. i was so sad to have missed FF with you this week! it is one of my highlights!!

  3. Kay, the new webpage looks great. Very professional. The colors and pictures and scripture are all very fitting and well blended. You did great!I did notice, under the homeschooling tab (which I’ll be looking at often as I’m figuring homeschooling things out myself!!!!! :)), that there is a switching back and forth between “I” and “we.” It might be something to adjust if it’s a family website, a reader might wonder if it’s you or your hubby talking and explaining (or both!) 😉

  4. good call kathryn!! thank you. i usually ask my mother for all english proofreading. and you are right, we both write for the website, so maybe we should have some sort of signature for the actual author composing. very good idea!!

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