Friday Fragments

Mommy's IdeaAnother week down, spiraling towards summer.  Join me in unloading your minds, hope over to Half Past Kissin’ Time, link in with Mrs. 4444….. have yourself a ball.  I do!!

This week we started our school off with some fun music dancing, country style!!!  I enjoy line dancing.  Not just because I like country music, but it’s a great form of exercise and you get to do it with people!! Yay for people, it’s my catnip being with people!!  So I taught my children Cotton Eyed Joe.  The link is to the one I am most familiar with.  Except when I learned it in Iowa, we do a cross-over kick as we back up.  However, when hunting for the music to play while I taught my kids, I found this super fun version that my daughter is learning with me.  My linear thinking boys were with me for the shuffling easy version, this changeover sent my oldest to a chair.  He was done 😉  Our rental house has a full circle on the main floor, so we danced through the TV room, into the dining room, through the kitchen and sitting room, back to the TV room.  There are no videos, I was too busy having  fun 😉

I am so ready to throw the mouse of my computer out a window!!  In order to choose things I have to click on them a good 5 or more times.  It moves the cursor around, but when a person is trying to look up or down a screen, copy/paste anything, it really tries patience.  I don ‘t have much to spare, you know??  So really, the mouse must go.  I am a bit concerned about the old school computer taking a newer mouse though.  New technology may kill off the old gal.

Heard this week at home:
“JJ, that is not the way you ask for something.  You need to say please”
“Otay, mom, i wiwl say peez tomorrow to you.”
“Fight somewhere else, I don’t want blood on my upholstery”
(I swore I would never say that, sigh)
“But noah likes it when i do dat”
“No sweetie, that squeal means let go”

I have one of ‘those’ children here at the house.  The odd years have always been hard for my kids.  I have no idea if odd equals hard in their little minds or what, but my current 3yr old is such a huge challenge to me.  He can be so snugly and sweet, darling with his double- dimples.  But the child has horns the size of the Washington Monument!!  This week I sent a text out for encouragement and my sweet friends helped me through a tough situation.
JJ was given a PBJ sandwich, his staple lunch for now.  The child likes to have it left open.  He either will put it together himself or he will then ask to have it cut in half.  Usually he prefers it left open to eat the sides however he wishes.  I have no problem allowing him this freedom of eating his sandwich in his own way.  But this week he was given his sandwich by his sister who slapped the sides together like she prefers it.  I came sailing into the kitchen when the crying and yelling started (moms can’t even go the bathroom, honestly!!)  He was so unhappy with the way his sandwich was delivered that he threw it away.  Yes, threw away a perfectly good sandwich.  This is no good.  On many levels this is just no good.  So I sent him to nap without his lunch.  He can scream pretty well, but he really is nothing compared to the glass breaking shriek his sister had.  It was hard, but we really can’t have that sort of thing.
Ok, that is really all I can type.  I could hardly spell check and just trying to click anything today is driving me nuts!!  Onto Amazon I go, I just hope I can select what I want 😦  I hope I can even link in to my blog hops.  Good night. 

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