Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea Welcome to another edition of Friday Fragments. It’s hosted weekly by Mrs. 4444, a great hostess with the mostess. (oops, she is a teacher, I may not get away with that one)  Don’t forget to take in your travel mug to Starbucks today!  They are celebrating Earth Day by giving free brewed coffee out to those bringing in their own mugs!!!  Too bad they don’t do Good Friday something, it would be my preference, but hey, free coffee right??

So Friday has come upon us once again. It’s amazing how quickly this week has flown here. It was our Spring Break here in MD.  So we had friends over Monday night for a dinner party, we all have kids about the same age, and the kids play so well together.  We inherited a trampoline from the neighbor who moved out, so that created hours of fun.  Hubby’s buddy even got on and the laughter rolled.  Why do men dare each other to do thing that they themselves would NEVER dream of doing??  Oh well…

I was unable to link in to FF last week.  I was having mouse issues, so here is the link to my Fragmented post from last week.  It was lots of fun!!

I believe that everyday at lunch will consist of a fit of some sort from my 3yr old.  His food is never done right or not delivered right, or not in the right container.  I have explained to him that this is not a short order kitchen, but a house full of people.  So that really means that we have to try to get along and go with the flow.  He will eventually get it.  My daughter became fun at the age of 4.  Now if this phase continues… 😦

I am sorry that I had not posted something about Easter coming up.  Just looking at my blog, you can probably tell I celebrate or believe in something, right?  If you want my brief theology and how we celebrate the holiday, click here.

Okay, last, but I dont’ believe least.  I am sure with over 1mil views, some of you have seen this video.  I love to read books, so I am sharing it again.  It just cracks me up!!  My son even said, “mom, you sure don’t like to be interrupted when reading a book either.”  hahahaha, poor kids!!


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