Friday Fragments

Mommy's IdeaHappy Friday everyone!!  Wow what a week!  It flew by with school review, curriculum hunting, cleaning, playdates… yada, yada, yada…

Please hop over to Mrs. 4444’s blog hop and unclutter your mind by Fraggin’… every one’s doing it!!

I always love a good sale, and if you are hunting for next year’s books now or really want a good deal on some, here is your chance!!!  This is the offer through Christian Book, and it’s a great curriculum to use!!  I use Horizons in math, phonics, and penmanship.  Love their Scripture integration!

Alpha Omega Sale

Our little Noah turned one year old this week.  He had a miserable birthday of hardly seeing a very busy mommy and getting shots.  He is a fussy kiddo anyway, but shots make him feel worse.  Mild fever, painful diapers… just a mess.  Poor kiddo!

Next week starts our crazy ‘month’ and I am so excited!!  Most folks who get to know me realize I like lots of activity, I dont’ like feeling bored.  But this coming month is just nuts (in a good way 😉
Hubby is rolling out to hit some classes for his Chaplain training.  He will be gone 3 weeks.  I love my husband but I am a natural leader (ask my sisters just how natural that is) and I enjoy rolling with the flow of my own mind.  It is good to have that tempered by my husband, I need him, but it’s nice to be in charge a bit 😉

Monday I am finally getting my friend time!!  By that I mean that one of my Army wife buddies is actually making it to my town!!  They are stationed in Germany and I am so buzzed to be seeing her!!  With hubby gone I will get to stay up late and jabber my night away!!

That Friday we pack the van and roll out to meet hubby for Memorial Weekend!  We are going to do some history hunting and relaxing at the hotel pool.

Before rolling back home, a dear friend from KS just happens to be flying to the exact city we are staying in!  So again I trade hubby for a friend I have not seen in over a year.

We come back home for the week of testing and cleaning the house for a visit from my parents!!  Their visit overlaps hubby coming home and we will be going around as a group to do some more history hunting, because my parents love it too!!

My parents leave and we roll out the door for the only week of leave my hubby has had all year till October.  So we are going to Niagara Falls!  I am so excited!  We are doing Maiden of the Mist and maybe even the caves behind the falls.  We shall see!

Then we have a week till we are hoping (pray, cross fingers, then get to begging) we shall have friends from seminary, chaplaincy, NC come up for the weekend of the 4th of July.  It is a  huge anniversary of the American Civil War, so the battlefields around MD are doing it up big!!  We are going to hit the reenactment of Gettysburg with them.  So really till after the 4th of July, this may be a sparse blog till then 😉

Heard in our home this week:

(really a tough one to make a 3rd stop using)

Oh, Josh is the hair guy.
Ya mom, djosh da haiw guy, i da eaw guy.

Mom, JJ bit me on the back!!

You can see from the ‘heard this week’ that my 3yr old is really having a rough patch/phase.  Making my Wednesday this week terrible!!  We had one of those learning moments for teacher and student.  I realized that I really cannot let my checking pile get too big, I miss things that my kids are not picking up on or missing concepts that get hammered a bit deep if they aren’t caught in time.  My children learned that not having patience and waiting for the only teacher in the classroom can cause some heartburn.
My kids chose to guess on some tests they were doing to finish their books, causing them to earn an F.  They had to learn that not asking questions is the wrong way to go about the learning process.  It was also a day of extreme fuss for the baby, and the 3yr old required quite a bit of my attention, in not so good ways.  It was a bad day all around for everyone.  

6 thoughts on “Friday Fragments”

  1. My husband was an Army chaplain for almost two decades. He is a retired minister, and he’s now a Realtor. He says his ministry now is getting people into homes they can afford.I love that you introed your post as decluttering your mind…that’s so true, it’s definitely a purge!See you next week?

  2. oh but i love reading folks FF. they are so much fun and a brief run down on the weeks of all. i really like it!! i will be stopping by again 🙂

  3. Sorry you had such a rough Wednesday. Love that you are looking forward to so much craziness. I love to be busy too.Love your new blog design btw. Did you do it yourself?

  4. I almost forgot to mention….that baby countdown gets me every time I come here! I know it’s for your niece, but I always do a double take. ;o)

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