Peeping Tom??

Memory LaneOne down, 18 more to go.  As I sit here posting this memory I am counting down the days till the Army sends my hubby home.  He is not anyplace dangerous… unless boredom is a danger.  And at times it CAN BE for my hubby 😉  He is in classes for the Chaplaincy, a requirement during his CPE class.  This is a short one, we have done longer, but I remember the first time my hubby had to leave me alone because the Army told him to.

We had been married less than a month.  My hubby was a lowly private stationed at Ft. Lewis, WA.  We lived in a little one bedroom apartment in the Tacoma/Steilacoom area.  My husband was required to pull CQ which means you have 24hr duty to answer phones and write down the comings and goings of barracks life.  Fairly boring most of the time. 

For me, I was now 5 states away from the only state I had ever lived in, I was in an area I had never been before, and all the sounds were creepy!  I was laying in bed at the back of our apartment and there it was… a dark shadowed face at the bedroom window.  The telltale crunching sound of footsteps outside the bedroom window… I was in full panic mode.  A peeping ‘tom’ I was absolutely sure of it!!  I knew exactly where I wanted to be and exactly where I didn’t!  I grabbed clothes off the floor (keep in mind, newly married, no housekeeping skills whatsoever) and low crawled through the apartment.  All the lights were out, I was not taking any chance of letting that creep know I was on the move!!  Grabbed my purse and keys to the only vehicle we owned.  Crouching by the door I knew I needed to cover the 30yds to the car faster than he could, I grabbed the door, cracked it open quietly, and sprinted for the car… diving in as I got there, locking the doors and cranking that baby up!  A quick look to my left let me know that I had not been discovered, I quickly finished dressing and drove as sensibly as a person scared out of their wits can!!

My hubby was quite shocked to see me show up in the middle of the night and delightfully over protective once he heard the tale.  I slept on a couch in the day room with blankets that he had ‘aquired’ from who knows where.  When we got home, he actually walked out behind our place to investigate.  The small dog piles he found made him re-think the ‘prowler’ theory.  I did then get driven straight to the county animal shelter where I picked the most perfect dog that has ever walked the earth!  Molly was the answer to my loneliness, my night time fears (married an infantry man, he was gone A LOT!!), and my need to nurture. 

Memory Lane

Link in if you would like to share a memory from your past, or you can just enjoy mine. 

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