Happy Birthday Noah!

My darling little Noah turned one today.  What a sad birthday this poor kiddo had!!  He had his well-baby check up today, shots, reactions, play date, not much mommy time as she ran around to other kiddo appointments… just not ideal for a 1st birthday, especially in a home where birthdays are HUGE!!

baptism (4mos)
sightseeing (6mos)
9 months
enjoying his birthday card from grandpa and meemaw

he sat and ‘read’ the thing for 20 minutes!!!

it totally wore him out!!!

He was born mid morning May 19.  He came out of his C-section screaming like a stocked pig, and hasn’t really stopped 😉  No really, he is sweet, just fussy like our first born was.  He is a skinny baby, an early walker, a devoted nurser, and simply cute!!  Happy Birthday sweetie!  I am so sorry you had to have shots on your birthday and that you are running a mild fever and simply feel miserable today.  I am also sorry we didn’t have your cupcake today, we will let you dive into one this weekend!!!  But we love you kiddo, and we thank God for blessing our home with you!!


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