30 Day Challenge

I have not had time to blog much lately, or at least I feel that way.  This is where I unload my mind so my family gets a more balanced mommy.  When stuff is ping-ponging around too long I get irritable.

I saw on a blog a challenge that I can really get into.  I am probably one of the few Christian women who gets grumpy every time some wives group wants to study Prov 31.  I have my reasons, probably all sinful, but I found this challenge to be one I can jump aboard.  I am not usually a ‘challenge’ type of gal because I want to check my blocks quickly and finish a project in record time.  However, being the negative person that I can be, and knowing that my husband really does need to know that I love him deeply, aside from being dedicated to him, I really do desire him…. I am taking this challenge.  If you are interested, click the button for the blog or the title above for the challenge link. 

I really like Kristen’s blog because she also writes ‘for real’.  She admits she isnt’ perfect, just like I am perfect, she knows where her perfection is coming from and when it will come.

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