Oh AC, where are you??


We are beginning the heat wave that is hitting much of the US this week.  It’s nothing like what the folks in TX just live with during the summer.. but hey, it’s Maryland for crying out loud 😉

To make matters worse, before heading for evening service at church, we heard a funny motor sound outside our kitchen window.  Upon investigating, we found our AC unit was frozen from the unit to the house, a solid hose of ice with a super funny looking glob of ice where you would re-fill the freon.  Oh yay 😦

It hearkens me back to my childhood home before we had central AC put in.  My parents had a window unit in their bedroom and I remember sitting in their room on the bed during nasty hot Iowa summer days, reading or playing games.  I remember whenever we entered or left the room, we would do it as quickly as possible, trying NOT to let any of the cold air escape.

Depending on when the landlord can get to the repair with the repairman, we may all be huddling in our master bedroom.. playing games or telling stories.  Or just hovering in our basement.  Which is where we are now 😉  I hope you guys are all surviving the heat!!

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3 thoughts on “Oh AC, where are you??”

  1. Oooh! I hope it gets fixed soon! It’s been so boiling hot for us this past week (100+) I can’t imagine not having A/C in the house. Ahh!!

  2. This reminds me of the time the AC went out when I was a kid. I still remember all five of us crowded into one room with a group of box fans. Believe it or not, it is one of my favorite memories. I loved falling asleep to the soumd pf those fans while my parents were in view. Good luck with the AC. While that was a great memory for me, I’m not sure that it would was so awesome for my parents — haha!:-)Traci

  3. I love those memories too!! My best friend remembers an on-going Monopoly game we had set up in there for our ‘cool down’ moments from being outside 🙂

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