Have any of you used Freecycle??  It is a yahoo group (or a bunch of groups, really) that allow you to trade with other folks for free.  You can search for a group in your area via the Freecycle link above.  I have participated in these groups in NC, KS, and now MD.  I love it, and hey… FREE, FOLKS!!

This last week I gained illustrated literature books for the kids, 6 pairs of shoes in great condition, a 5 gal fish tank for our tadpole experiment, and maternity clothes for my sister.  It was all free!

This helps keep stuff out of the landfills, it help me to save the pennies I need for other things, and it helps me to unload the clutter that drives me nuts!!!!  Really, it’s just a win-win for all involved!!  So hop on over and check it out.  Don’t bother telling them I sent you, they don’t care 😉  I just thought it would be worth mentioning because we could all use some financial assistance every now and then, right???

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