Friday Fragments

Mommy's IdeaI keep telling myself that I need to come up with a snappy title for each of these posts.. however, Mrs 4444 has already done that for me 😉  So I shall save brain space for the obscure things already there!

Please hop on over and join the fun, unloading those mental fragments from your week!

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I wish I had caught it on video, but this week my daughter wanted to squeeze her own orange juice.  She asked if she could just polish off the last 4 clementine oranges we had in the house.  She wanted to use my normal sized juicer for her little project, but it’s so huge compared to these tiny little oranges 😉  So after a touch of brainstorming I pulled out my garlic press and Bekah went to town pressing out her OJ.  She was extremely impressed with her fresh juice…. however, Murphy’s Law attacks all ages.  After only one sip, she knocked her cup over 😦

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Hey, if you want to make your own awesome rolls for hamburger buns or hot dog buns, my grandmother’s ‘speedie rolls’ are amazing and perfect for the job!! I recently pulled out the recipe when I found our bread supply diminished before grilling night. I couldn’t believe how perfect they were!!
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It’s been an unusually tight financial month at our house 😦  Our grocery bill went up $20 a week this last month.  That can be painful on only one income and all these boys to feed!  The gas is crazy, and hubby has a huge commute with traffic here in the DC area.  To top it all off, the Navy CO chose to make hubby’s duty uniform the very expensive new dress blues (Navy has dressy duty uniforms, Army has very casual duty uniform).  Since it’s not designed as a duty uniform (requiring 3 sets of everything) we only had the one set for dress occasions.  They also love to make last minute decisions like this, so we had a month to buy 2 more sets of class B parts.  The pants alone are $145…. ugh. 

My mother did put it into perspective for me, and she is really great at that!!! Now I know where I get my desire for finding the blessings in everything.  She said, “at least he is not deployed right now. Better to have him home and have this issue.”  Yes, that is true, thanks mom!!!

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I finally have one of those ‘all over the place’ toddlers.  I have had active kids in the past, but there is a certain ‘always on the move’ aspect that I have avoided till now.  We have seen it in other kids and hubby always asks “what’s wrong with that kid??”  Now he knows and understands.  Noah gave up his toys months ago, when he learned to walk.  Now he is into everything and in almost constant motion… hey mom, does that sound familiar??  I found him doing this when I had gone potty last week.  I forgot to lock the water dispenser on the fridge… can you see the puddle on the floor???  Ya, I did too 😦

The cantaloupe plant is seriously taking over!!  My son had to roll it into the garden when he mowed the lawn this week, and we have cantaloupe sprouting all the way down the steps.  I guess I will be blessing folks at church with this stuff in a couple weeks.  I love it, but can only eat so much, you know???

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They had the Flag Rolling Ceremony at Walter Reed.  This means they took down the Walter Reed flag, folded it nicely and will unroll it over at Bethesda when the transition has taken place.  Such a rich history on that place!!!  I wish we could have seen it.  The Golden Knights jumped onto the front lawn after the completion of the ceremony.  That is always fun to watch!!
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Well, it was bound to happen. My hubby has decided that it’s time we took weight loss seriously. BEFORE you get upset with him dictating this, you have to consider his side of all this. I whine a bit every now and then about my weight. I have had 5 kids, it happens 😉 But recently he noticed that my ‘give-a-darn’ seems to have broken. Not always a good sign 😉 I also have a closet and dresser full of clothes that are just a ‘smidge’ too snug. There are so many other things we need to spend our extra money on than new clothes 😦 Also, please understand that his employer (US Army) requires physical fitness for his job. Most importantly, he has a medical condition that I can’t share with you and his doctor said he must lose 20lbs. He has to trim some down, and I should join in on that for my own good health.

That means that sadly, one of our favorite meals, a sausage soup, will go. Cream soups are super high in sodium and sausage is also high in sodium. I will have to use much less mayo on my sandwiches :-(, and have bacon only once a month 😦 I have a garden full of fresh tomatoes and only 3 pcs of bacon left for summer BLT’s. I have tissue to pass around and share 😉

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2 thoughts on “Friday Fragments”

  1. Well, good luck on the weight loss thing. I’ve been succeeding with Wt. Watchers—-but if they could sell motivation in a bottle, it would be a best seller for sure. That and “exercise”. Though keeping up with Noah ought to be enough for anyone. Love your melon vine, too. My cucumbers are sad this year. Last year was wetter and we had a bumper crop! No so this year.

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