Where’s the knife??

I had a ‘dysfunctional MOMent just this last night.

I was making supper (I know, the usual, right??).  I was rolling out pizza dough and cutting the sections I needed with one of our knives.  Several of the kids were standing around watching the food come to life, including my ornery and challenging 4yr old.

Knowing he was around, I was keeping an eye on most of the things on the counter.  However, I am so crazy particular about how the pizza toppings get placed, that I was laying each mushroom down very carefully.  They all had to be facing the same direction, in the circular pattern.. blah, blah, blah.

My hubby came around the corner and I jumped when I heard him yell “JJ put the knife down!! Stop tapping the baby’s head with it!!”  Yep, I was so focused on getting those toppings done ‘just right’ that I lost track of where my knife had gone.

JJ is my knife kid anyway.  A couple years ago when we lived in KS, JJ brough a knife to me in the school room.  It may not sound scary, but he was 2 1/2.  In order to get the knife, he had to climb onto the counter, across the counter, get down off the counter, and then carry the knife down stairs to our school room.  It was very scary for the mommy!

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4 thoughts on “Where’s the knife??”

  1. followed from dysFUNctional MOMents …OMGosh how scary! it’s amazing how quick these kids can be (because it IS about them being quick, not about US being side tracked) 😉

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