Oh happy day!

I am having a great week, and I would love to share it with you guys!

Sunday after church and our lunch, we sat down in the living room for Scripture reading.  We all got out our bibles and turned to Ephesians… but when I got to my passage I found this in my bible.  (at first blush, it looked like a note from my kids)

I realized it was actually my husband’s handwriting.  So I eagerly opened my little note.

I was in tears.  See, being a military family, we live far away from our siblings and parents.  My sister is having her second baby this week and I wanted so badly to be here to help keep an eye on my very energetic niece.  I had been in a blue funk knowing that I was going to miss ANOTHER family moment.  I had a bag packed within 15 minutes of reading this note!!

I arrived late Sunday night into my hometown.  I happily greeted my younger sister, my father and my mother.  I had to be patient (not one of my strong suites) until Monday to surprise my very pregnant baby sister.  This is what Monday looked like.  You don’t have to watch the whole thing, just the first part is good!

I will happily share more pictures as the week goes along, but I will confess that I am having so much fun!  I took a drive through my old stomping ground. I even took my niece on a walk to the old train trestle that we used to play on near my parent’s house.  Oh the memories in this town!!!

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