Friday Fragments

Mommy's IdeaHowdy fraggers!!  It is Friday!  You are getting a short fragments today because it is a 4-day weekend for hubby.  We don’t have anything huge planned, just keeping it close to home.  We might go swimming at the gym pool on Bethesda this weekend.  I need to get over my fear of having my kids near water… some of them can’t swim a lick and I alone am to blame for that.

We are starting to say goodbye to summer, aren’t we??  That’s why I chose the header I have.  The sun is setting on the summer weather, the slacking off of summer… but not quite ready for fall colors and themes, huh??  I love autumn!  I love my jeans and my sweaters!!!  The colors are amazing!


Bekah made her very first cake all by herself!  It was a box cake, but hey, that’s what I do too!  She was so proud of herself.  While frosting it, she decided that the cake should be for Gran and Papa, so of course we invited them over for dinner 😉


Just in case you were curious, your email information is worth almost $500 to a business 😦  I got spam comment on my family website and following the trail led me to the email lists for sale website.  I guess it is something I always wanted to know… how do these people get these mass email listings??


This picture doesn’t look like much, just a human and her dog, right?? What if I told you that I was trying to make supper and there was a thunderstorm rolling in?  This massive beast is terrified of thunder.  He was not happy with just being in the same room I was in, he wanted to be plastered to my leg.  Crazy huh?

He’s such a good dog though.  He happily jogged around the neighborhood with me this morning.  He keeps my toes warm when it is cold, and he is so excited when I come home!  Fur-babies make a home.


If you would like to read up on our week of homeschooling, click here.  I hope you all have a great weekend!!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Fragments”

  1. I have to admit, I don’t know what life would be like without my dogs!Tha cat I can live without-lol….stuck up little thing!I’m visiting from Friday Fragments…Thanks for visiting my blogHave a great weekend!

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