Thankful to survive!

Thankful Thursday… I feel like I really do need to list off the things I am thankful for. Lately, I have been focusing on only the negative.  Our schooling has been a bit rocky (attitudes and motivation), our future is not definitely labeled and well lit, the Cub Scout meeting this week was just nuts…I am just feeling a bit stressed.

I am very thankful for the following:

For a home that definitely serves its purpose!  It is not what I would prefer, it is not updated, but it is not ‘ours’ in ownership.  It is a good house for us right now.

I am thankful for my children.  They are many, they are boisterous, they are wonderful, caring, and really becoming a team.  After the very stressful scouting meeting, my children pulled out the massaging wand, worked my feet over well, and my daughter brushed my hair.  My middle boy brought me ice water.  It was like being in a spa and they chose to do it all by themselves.  How wonderful is that!!!???

I am extremely thankful for my husband.  He is steady and stable.  He is willing to make the tough decisions, even when they are unpopular or they bring him grief.  He is faithful to me, he is faithful to Christ, and he is faithful to his calling as a Minister.

I am mostly thankful to God for getting me through these last few weeks, for giving me the perserverence the strength to continue, and the conviction to “not quit”.  Thank you Lord for your provision!!!

2 thoughts on “Thankful to survive!”

  1. Honest and beautiful! How wonderful, that even through trial and tough times, that you find so much for which to be grateful! God is good. 🙂 I will pray that your next week will be better for you! Many blessings, Lisa

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