Final Journal Entry


The last several weeks Memory Lane has focused on an old journal I found. I guess I was just too busy doing a busy life to write much about it 😉  Today’s entry is the final entry in the journal, and in many ways I wish I had kept writing.  Almost a whole year had passed from last week’s entry dated June 1995 to the last entry dated April 1996.  I hope you have enjoyed the journey and I hope you come to share some of your own memories.  As a reminder, I don’t edit or change what is written.  You get to read what I wrote as an 18yr old.

April 25, 1996

Time has gone by since I last wrote. The best par of it all is that I am different than the little girl who started this journal a year ago.  My summer trip in Venezuela was great!  I gave my life back over to God.  I feel better, I am usually smiling now. God is the greatest thing to come along.  Actually, He’s always been there, so I am the one who “came around”.

that is one big thing in my life.  The other is that I have fallen in love w/ a man who lives me too!  Ben Duncan, of all people.  We used to hate each other life none other.  We couldn’t be in the same room together without fighting.  At Christmas he came back a changed man.  It as great!  He was so good looking!  But the thing that impressed me most is when he hugged my father.  I hold a lo9t of respect for my dad, and that broke the ice for me.  then he hugged me!  He was packed solid from muscle.  He said it was good to see me, and the spark was lit.

We’ve been going out now for 4 months.  On Monday, Jan 1 he asked me on a date.  Tues we went ice skating with Beth and Steve.  he was amazed at how much of a jerk Steve was being. 

 Ben asked “Was I like that?”  

I said “Worse.”  

He apologized for all of it.

The next day we went to Chi Chi’s and then the all, then to his house.  I didn’t want to leave him that night at all.  We flirted and had a great time.  He finally told me he liked me and then I got to cuddle with him.  He is so strong!  He has really become a great boyfriend.  I used to think he played girls but he loves me.  It’s so amazing.  He even brought up marriage!  I never thought I would actually love someone enough to marry him.  But I do!!  I love Ben Duncan.  I never thought I’d say that.

I have to go pick up Kendra for lunch now.  I’ll tell more about her later 🙂

The epilogue of this story is that I married that handsome, strong man.  We have been married 16yrs and I am grateful for him every day.

Do you have a memory you would like to share?  Put the button in your post, link in, and you can even include the blog hop on your own blog.  Come on, share a memory with us!


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