One down, Eight to go

What a week, folks, what a week!  We got our orders this week, YAY!!!  This is a huge deal for military folks as they are moving around the country.  But getting them was such a huge ordeal 😦

We all had to have updated and current annual physicals.  No problem, we keep those current.  Oh but wait, the Army says, your daughter didn’t have her last one!  But yes she did, Big Army, it’s in her file.  No, Army wife, she had an exam, it was not coded as a “well child annual physical” therefore it does not count… WHAT!!???

And another thing, Army wife, you need to have all the physicals updated so we can conduct our Exceptional Family Member interview, where all must be present to identify any visible developmental problems.  We will go ahead and schedule this for the day before you fly out to go house hunting.  The very day you are going to be shuffling kids to various homes so you are ready to fly out.

No, it does not matter, Army wife, that none of your family members have ever participated in the program.  We must conduct the interview before you are cleared to move overseas.

Oh I suppose we could squeeze you in since your husbands commander asked so nicely (and he outranks us here), so bring everyone in and we will squish your group in-between other appointments.  But we are hoping to get them done before noon when we will be conducting a ‘code pink’ drill.  That is where we simulate the abduction of an infant from the hospital and lock it down for more than an hour.

My husband got his massive packet together for his orders only to be told that our children needed a developmental review from their school to complete the process.  Our children are home schooled and at the top of the form it said home schooled children are exempt from this form.  However, the lovely government contracted worker lady insisted that it be filled out….

Finally we got the orders!!  So we can contact transportation for the household goods and contact Baltimore about shipping hubby’s car.  We can move forward, yahoo!!  Only 8 weeks to spare, and we thought it was getting cut close, ha!

Last night we ended the mad dash week with a birthday party/overnighter with a bunch of 7yr old boys.  We have a couple kid birthdays in December and we just never seem to get them a party in a timely manner 😦  Our poor boys.  Anyway, they played well, they went to bed when we told them….

Then at 4am hubby heard  sound and went to investigate.  There were the boys, sitting very quietly, playing Wii.  Hubby told them in a stern voice to get back to bed, it was way to early to be up playing games.  It probably would have been funny except for the time.  They were trying to be so quiet 😉

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