Google maps are fun!!

Did you guys know you can save things into a personal map in Google Maps??  I found out I could do this when we were mapping possible homes in Anchorage and charting the distance to base.  After doing that, a friend of mine gave me the idea to chart out our ‘Bucket List’ of historic sites we need to hit before leaving the DC area!!  Great idea, Michelle, thanks so much!!

So here you have the Bucket List!  You won’t find any personal addresses in the map, all general places for driving directions (though my mother has always been amazing with guests!!).  I am not sure we will get to hit all the points I have mapped out, but I do hope to hit a few.  The area near Mt. Rushmore has many childhood memories since we did multiple family vacations to that area several years in a row.  Mom, thank you for the awesome family vacation memories you created for us girls, you are amazing!!!

To do this yourself, log into google maps and in the upper left corner is the ‘create map’ button.  There is an easy, interactive tool to walk you through the steps, and then you can collaborate with family members or share your dream journey on your blog (like this one crazy gal did 😉  )

View Bucket List in a larger map

6 thoughts on “Google maps are fun!!”

  1. I never knew this.. very interesting.. hehe, I always go on Google maps & street view to have a peek around far away streets etc! I love your blog by the way! Especially the font! x

    1. Thank you, I do like playing with fonts until I see how challenging some are to read. I gear it all towards my own poor eye sight ;-)I do the street views also! We do that for every property we have been considering in AK. So funny!! It’s sort of like spying, eh?? I’m a 00 agent, yes!!!

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