Back in the saddle again.

We are beginning our week today, Wednesday.  Yea, I know, it’s almost “why bother” right??

Well “here’s the thing”…

We have our annual exams the second week of May.  If you take a gander at the calendar, you are going to see that I really don’t have any spare days for back up.  One of the things I love about home education is that I can skim or straight up skip things that the kids know very well.  That does help in finishing this year’s required material.

We got back from our Alaska trip late Monday night.  I have never flown to a place that different in time zone.  My hubby needs much more sleep than I do and he was a walking zombie by the time we left AK. The very day we did our 2nd walk through of a home we really liked, they accepted and offer.  So that makes 4 homes sold off my dream sheet.  For kick and giggles we walked through a higher priced home that was vacant just for fun.  There were some structural problems with the property like the sliding door was detached from the home on one side, the basement carpet was stained, there was a leak in the garage roof, and the garage was very small for AK.  It was still fun to walk though.  Hubby could fully recline in the master jetted tub 😉

We also got to see a moose.  Our realtor was such a gem, she willingly stopped in the middle of the turn lane and “played tourist” for us while I got a video of the moose.  I put that sighting and the views at the beginning of the video I made for my family.  You can see the fun parts right at the beginning and stick around to check out the large home we walked through if you want to.  The yard was almost a quarter acre… way too small for my brood 😉

5 thoughts on “Back in the saddle again.”

  1. We had the same problem with houses being sold (or rented) out from under us. It’s no wonder house shopping makes people cranky! Well, it makes ME cranky anyway…We currently rent a house with half an acre. Our new house? The deck of our current home is bigger than the entire backyard of the new place. Though there is a postage sized bit of grass for the dog. It will make cleaning up easier at least! When the grass needs mowing, i figure I’ll just give the kids scissors and let em go at it 🙂

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