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Mommy's IdeaThis is a very rare combine carnival blog post.  Life has been so crazy and honestly, I have a touch of writer’s block… what exactly to put down in words???  If you have tidbits to share with others that are of the random sort, link in with Half Past Kissin’ Time.  Mrs 4444 accepts all, even me 😉  If you have a homeschool adventure to share link in with The Homeschool Chick.

Would you tell me what sort of thing is most important to you as you look for a place to live?  Is the price, monthly mortgage, distance to work, the kitchen, or the yard space?  You will assist us in selecting a home in AK.  Isn’t that cool?

Helping a friend…
I wrote a post earlier this week begging and I am doing it again.  This family we have known since her hubby and I were in geography together, Jr. High.  We were all in bible school, then went to seminary, and have been friends for decades.  They finally got out of renting into their very first house.  It was a short sale and the home needs work.  Living on one budget means that updates are few and far between.   They are the finalist for a new set of kitchen cabinets and I would like to beg for you all to vote for them please!!!  Click the link below and vote for the Nevins family.  Their video is pretty cute too.

The Nevins Video

In my life this week… 

I hate combining carnivals, but this Friday I need to.  Our life this week consisted of cleaning out storage bins, giving away a good 100lbs of baby gear, packing bags, dispersing our children among friends, and then flying to Alaska to hunt for houses.  I can’t tell you how weird it was for me to be packing for and splitting up my children to several different homes.  I didn’t realize last month when we started planning this excursion that I would have a knot in my stomach about it.

The knot tightened when my ultra planning husband, who counsels people all the time on planning for the future, chose to update his will and final instructions “just in case the horrible should happen”.  Devotion time Tuesday night ended with us praying for safety and my hubby telling the kids that if God should choose to call us home, that they would get to be a blessing to their Aunt and finally get to live near family.  It was a tearful nighttime routine.

We also have a ‘Bucket List’ of historic things we want to do in DC before we leave.  We did a typical History Hunting weekend and knocked out: Harper’s Ferry, one stop of the C&O Canal, Antietam Battlefield, Petersberg Battlefield, and Richmond Battlefield.  I am hoping to get those History Hunting posts up soon.  I would highly recommend the Petersberg battlefield for any body!!  My hubby was enlisted infantry before becoming a Chaplain, and I just got a kick out of Ben walking the kids through battle strategies at the GREAT earthen works defensive fortification.  It was the best one we have seen yet!!  Very well preserved and a great visual for the beginning of trench warfare by 1864 of the American Civil War.

 In our homeschool this week… 

We got through our Science early this year, so I didn’t fill that hole while we are prepping for an early end to our school year.  I also didn’t do an official full week of spring break.  I got us out of the house for fun after the work was done, but I have promised that our summer will be full of adventure.  So we are hammering home the new concepts, skipping the easy things they know well, and preparing for the CAT test.

I am loving watching our kids get into the Junior Ranger program at the National Parks.  There is a booklet they fill out and are awarded a shield for each historic park.  Even our 4 year old got into the groove and received his first shield at Richmond.

House hunting…

I had massive frustration and a touch of the blues over the weekend.  The 3rd house on our Alaska dream sheet sold.  It was so hard watching all of my top three disappear one by one.  I know God has the perfect home picked out for us and my hubby is  still hoping that a good rental option will open for us.  Times like this I need to remember the stress I was feeling when we were moving here to DC.  We actually applied, paid the application fee, for 4 homes.  They all fell through and we pulled into town without a home.  The rental is not perfect, but it has been perfect for us.  God provides every time for us, and I must remember this!

Heard around the house this week…

There have been some cute conversations that I actually remember!!  Amazing, right?

“Mom, looking at these pictures of you in high school, you haven’t changed a bit!!
Well, except for that gray streak right there, you look exactly the same!”
“Mom, if you die in a fiery plane crash, who is going to take care of us?”
“Mom, when we move to Alaska, can we get a moose to come into our back yard like them??”
“Mom, mom, up peez.  Mom, nug up peez”
(mom, snuggle me, pick me up please)
“I don’t see how the doctor could call you obese, mom, 
when that man over there is clearly fatter than you.”

13 thoughts on “The rare combined post”

  1. If the pics from some of my other Alaskan friends are any indication, you will probably get Moose to walk through your yard at some point…When we house hunted the top three things were price, layout and indoor space…

    1. Thank you for your help, those are exactly the things we look for while house hunting. We are so hoping to see some moose just this weekend 😉 We shall see.

  2. I lived in Alaska 40 years ago for a very short time and we did walk up on a moose one day and in the winter they walked up to our apartment building on occasion! I pray the exact right house comes along and since I’m also in the PCA congregation we know it will in God’s providence! :))I’m going oner to view your friend’s video and vote!

    1. Thank you so much for voting!! Thank you for your prayers!! I greatly appreciate them. It will totally be God directing us to the house He wants us in…. I just have to be patient for the revealing 😉

  3. When you asked your poll question, I couldn’t help but think of our move here a year and a half ago.We came from Indiana to Wisconsin with 4 days to secure a home to RENT. I didn’t think it would be such a big deal – – – I mean we weren’t trying to buy, just rent.By the end of the four days we had set aside for that house hunt, we were happy with THIS place simply because it wasn’t as AWFUL as the others and had a clean dry basement that we could use and also store things.We have simply LOVED living here – – – but this isn’t at ALL what I had “envisioned” before the hunt.I do feel that God blessed us by leading us to look at this place last. If we had looked at it first, I probably would have stuck my nose in the air and walked away from it. However, after all the AWFUL things we saw, this place looked like a safe and inviting haven.

    1. I have to agree with you on the house hunting!! The first home we looked at yesterday morning had such a steep portion of their drive, our rental car got stuck!!! There was also a house with a buckling driveway, busted windows… you are so right. Sometimes you are just thankful to find the least offensive place!

  4. I understand it’s necessary thinking, but Ben had me worried ya’ll were not gonna make it back! Next time we look for a home I want an open concept main floor, large kitchen (with pantry!), fenced in back yard and a basement for the kids to terrorize as they please! I love the household conversations, I can just hear the kids saying it 🙂

  5. Sorry, I’m so late in returning your visit…it’s been a week of revamping our patio and I haven’t had much online time at all.But to answer your question/poll…For me, of course I and my husband are retired, so it would be property tax for us mainly. Location isn’t all that important ’cause we need to feel comfortable in our budget…so it’s more or less, the cost of living for us.

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