Melancholy Monday

Memory LaneIt is a rainy day here in MD and the rain seems to have beat the pollen out of the air, and a decent blog post out of my brain. So for Monday’s Memories today I am going to share a few old posts from the first month I began blogging. I have to admit that after looking back over these posts, I must confess that I see marked improvement in my writing. That’s good, right??


 I have an old copy of this comic strip hanging on my fridge for all visitors to see. Though I have out grown the ‘3’ kids mentioned, there are still days it applies. 

Once upon a time I had a 5 point goal for my life. It involved a downtown apartment, a sports car that went super fast, owning my own business and the like. But God had other plans for my life. It included marriage, 5 kids, NO sports car, and no horses. there have been many times over the years as I struggled with what faith meant, what God’s will was and why it never seemed to be mine. This is where God gave me the best gift of all, my children. I know very well there are times when I treat God as if I am my own 3yr old child. He tells me what i should be doing or what I should not do, and of course in my humanity, I fight with Him and do just the opposite of what I know to be right/correct. Because He loves me, He must discipline me in order to get me back on His track. and God knows what is best for my life and which way I should go for His own good pleasure. so my children, the children that I had avoided having and thought I did not need nor want have given me the greatest joys, sorrows, and insight into my faith and a deeper love for my Heavenly Father. Thank you God for giving me what I did not want, but what i desperately needed!!!



The thunder rolls, and the lightning strikes…. I can hear the garth brooks song playing in my head even as I type away.

This morning, dear hubby had evals for his school, so he was able to sleep in today. Usually with traffic and parking he must be out the door by 0515. so we were hoping for a nice lazy sleeping in morning…. yes we all have dreams.

I personally love thunderstorms, they make me sleep deeply and contentedly.  However, children don’t really share my opinion. so this morning around 0630 when the thunder was actually rattling our windows, we had our first round of visitors.   After that, hubby’s side of the bed (he gave up and hit a shower) became a revolving door. and with as many kids as we have, it was a lot of guests.

First our daughter, then the youngest mobile boys, lastly our massive dog shoved his wet nose in my face causing me to jump and hit the pack’n’play making the 12 week old child to wake up. and that large fur baby caused the most irritation while the thunder continued to jam on outside.

He is a swissie and a bit on the large size for his breed. If any of you mothers have been frustrated at your children tailing you around, a large scared dog can be worse. he followed me into the bathroom, he tailed me to the kitchen, he sat on my feet while I made my coffee and he is still currently laying on my feet as I type. The thunder is gone, the fear should be gone as well. but he still feels the need to breathe that hot dog breath on my ankles. ah yes…. I still love thunderstorms!!!!!


Memory Lane

2 thoughts on “Melancholy Monday”

  1. I love your description of your frightened large dog. How true of any “Noise-freaked” animal companion! Haven’t we all experienced being our own 3 year old child? We don’t always have your insight into ourselves, though.

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