What guys wish we knew.

My cousin sent this to me and I thought it was sweet.  Not all of them apply, but my husband has mentioned more than just one of these before.  So I thought if 2 guys I know say this stuff repeatedly, maybe I should pass it around myself?  😉

1. Time flies when you’re a man: “There is ‘man time’ and ‘woman time.’ For men, time goes by faster than for women. Einstein tried to explain this with his theory of relativity and I think it was all about trying to get along with his wife. So, the next time a guy doesn’t call or text a girl back right away or it’s been two weeks since he last said ‘I love you,’ just remember that it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care it, it just means that time passes differently for him.” 
-Dr. Tom Hacket, 44, World-renowned Orthopedic Surgeon and Team Doctor for US Olympics Snowboarding 
 This is very the case and I appreciated the book “Men are from Mars” so much because men and woman really speak and move alien to each other.  It is something to keep in mind.

2. You’re more powerful than you think: “In that single moment when you glance in our direction, we lock eyes, and all we feel is our heart beating through your chest, you have us. And there is absolutely nothing we can do about it!”
-Alexander T. MacGregor, Jr., 19, Editor-in-Chief of The Boulevardie

3. We like shopping with you…sometimes: “Things I wish women knew? If you trim your hair, don’t get upset if we don’t notice. Help us along by actually wearing it in a different style that day. Also, we actually like going shopping with you, as long as you let us pick out your outfit. And, sometimes we wonder why someone as amazing as you wants to be with us.”
-Lalo Fuentes, 34, Celebrity Trainer 
 My hubby has always said that men do love to shop just as much as women, it’s just the object of the shopping that is different.  Balance it out, couples, take turns going shopping for each other’s things.

4. Your teenage tendencies are a major turn off: “A few things: Insecurity is a major turn off, using the acronyms ‘lol,’ ‘lolz,’ or ‘rotfl’ should not be used by any female above the age of 15, we don’t like being called ‘dude,’ ‘friend,’ ‘bro,’ or any combination of the above because you are not our male friend, thinking Justin Bieber is cute is not cute, and finally, going to the bathroom in pairs is bewildering to us.”
-Beau Davidson, 30,Country Music Recording Artist
5. Confidence is sexier than any lingerie: “Men already love your body as it is but when you’re confident, it’s even more of a turn on! Along those lines…lingerie is way overrated! 
-Benjamin Watson, 30, NFL Tight End
6. We’re stuck in the stone age. And we like it: “I wish women understood that no matter how much they may think their man is evolved, we are very basic. Even the most manscaped guy in a Brooks Brothers suit is a caveman at heart. Let us grunt and be ourselves and we will gladly drag your dinner home.” 
-Tim Wilkins, 43, Comedian 
7. Let me think I’m the funniest guy you know: “Ladies, we don’t like when you’re laughing too hard at another man’s jokes. Unless we’re at a comedy club or he’s your father, there’s no reason for that. 
-Thomas Howard, 28, NFL Linebacker
8. We care about much more than looks: “Women need to know that looks aren’t the only thing that matters to us. If I want to be in a relationship with somebody, I need to have a deeper connection with them than just the physical. The best thing that a woman could do to attract me is to be herself.” 
-Aaron Carter, 23, Actor/Singer 
9. We’re not so different: “At the gym, men are just as self conscious and check themselves out in the mirror just as much as women do. In regards to cooking, men can do more than BBQ. All you need to do is ask-but be sure to do it after the game! Oh, and, men do like salads, especially if they are topped off with bacon!” 
-Chuck Hughes, 34, Chef and Cooking Channel host 
10. I have no secrets: “I’ve always been told that women know everything. Is that not accurate?” 
-Steve Berry, 56, New York Times Bestselling Author 
11. DVDs don’t make the perfect gift:(inaccurate for me) “I wish women knew that just because we talk about our favorite movie all the time, we don’t want it on DVD as our Christmas gift. We already own it. Actually, we don’t want DVDs period. It’s 2012.” 
-Matt Ritter, 30, Comedian 
12. There’s always an exception: “For every rule or guideline to dating that you read about in magazines, there is always an exception!” -Kyle Erickson, 25, Celebrity Publicist
13. Don’t try so hard: “I wish women knew even though we appreciate you taking hours to get dressed and ‘put on your face,’ it’s no longer necessary. Superficial beauty catches our attention but natural beauty keeps it.” 

-Thomas Edwards Jr., 26, Founder of The Professional Wingman 
14. Drop hints to avoid disappointing gifts: “When it comes to gift giving, I wish women knew that we are about as clueless as a five-year-old boy doing quantum physics. The pressure of nailing the best gift is enough to drive a man to tears. So, unless you give us a hint or just flat out tell us what you’d like, you are most likely going to end up with something unwanted. Like when I bought my wife tickets to see a wrestling match for our anniversary. She said she liked sports!” 
-Richie Frieman, 32 Founder/CEO of Pens Eye View 
15. We mean well: “As guys, we’re always trying to do or say something with the best of intentions, but it always seems to backfire. We mean well. Give us the benefit of the doubt once in a while!” 
-Drew Brees, 33, NFL Quarterback

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