Is it too techy??

I have been playing around with a super ‘techy’ blogger template and I just don’t know if it the sort of thing I want in the long run.  It is unusual and fun, but not quite what I think of as a blog template.  Any feedback??

Test Palette 1

Test Palette 2

I have way too much time on my hands tonight.  Waiting for the final “lights out” for the girls camping in the basement, I came up with another layout option.

20 thoughts on “Is it too techy??”

    1. Thank you for your feedback Mami, I can always count on you!! You are right, it’s not permanent, I can switch it up if I don’t like it.

  1. I am the LAST person you want to ask if “it’s too techy” LOL – – – I”m the gal who’s still kicking, screaming, and dragging her feet about NOT switching over to the new blogger interface.I’m also the girl who has kept the SAME blog background/style since June of 2006 just because I like it and don’t like change.However – – – if you want my non techy opinion, I like sample palette 2 better than 1.Thanks for all your visits to my blog today. I would LOVE to take you antiqueing with me – – – when is your NEXT visit to central Wisconsin???BTW – – – do you realize that you are a “no-reply commenter?” That means you haven’t linked your e-mail address on your profile page. It doesn’t SHOW there, but folks can click it to e-mail you and ALSO if you put it there, when bloggers like moi get the e-mail alert about your comments, we can reply directly from your comment in our e-mail to your e-mail. Saves discussing all our “laundry” over here in your blog comments! 😉

    1. Thank you for the reminder. You told me about that before and I kept forgetting to do it. I have no idea when I would be in central Wisconsin…hahahaha.

  2. in your FF post below…I had to laugh, the sitcom vs. living with it in real time…yep, sure ‘nough.Oh, and I check both new templates out…and for me personally, I like the clean looking template #2. [did I just say #2?!!!]

  3. I’m not a fan of number one. I don’t like the magazine style for a blog. It makes it too hard to see the most current post, you wade through all the little items and it feels cluttered.Personally, I am on self-hosted wordpress using the Duet theme. But you have to pay for that 🙂 I think simply uncluttered is best when it’s strictly a blog.

  4. honestly, I like the format you have now! maybe just change the header and colors a bit for some change? just a thought! 🙂 it is super fun to play around with blog format when you have the time 🙂

    1. It is, and thank you, I do like what I have now. I hadn’t even thought to use the header, duh!!! Brilliant!! I do like to play around, maybe a bit too much at times?? I was trying to be ‘chill’ about that for a while, hahaha.

  5. I like number 2 for purely selfish reasons—since I could spend hours browsing around reading about the pictures, etc. I’m old and have to get back to work! I agree with Mami. I changed a couple things on mine, assuring myself that ‘nothing has to be forever.’

  6. I like what you have. I agree with Jennilee, just change up the header and such for a change if you need one. I do prefer template 2 of the two you shared. The first one is too much.

    1. Thanks Jamers!! I really do like the simplistic style of what I have. I just need to get some photo editing something to make better photo things for the header. I mean, what else do I have going on right??? 😉

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