Are we there yet?

Mommy's IdeaIt’s Friday, but it ain’t quite over yet. (and yes mother, I said ain’t)
I won’t be a bummer today, I won’t moan about the path I have been set upon.  It has been a week that at this moment of recounting, I can laugh and think to myself “the sitcoms just write about this stuff.  I have to live it.”Mother's Day Pictures, Images and Photos

Our children have never really done “are we there yet” with us.  We have done long road trips their entire lives and so we have not had to deal with the TV version of this ritual.  Thursday, on the way to our last homeschool coop, my daughter thought it would be funny to attempt this just once.  So for a few miles, every couple minutes she would pipe up with “are we there yet?”  It drove my oldest absolutely nuts.  I was secretly very glad that he picked that fight to stop the insanity so I was spared from having to do it 😉

Speaking of “are we there yet”, that is such a fun game!!  No I am not off my rocker.  There is a card game for traveling called “Are We There Yet”.  Think scavenger hunt while driving.  You get a handful of cards with items on them, you find your items, store your ‘found’ cards, and count them up for points at the end of the game.  My parent’s own this game and we played it as kids.  It is of course out of print when i want to share it with my kids, so my father made a set for us.  We got them for Christmas and I had the pleasure of playing with our kids this past month as we have travelled all over the place.

Oh, on that same note… are we there yet?? To Alaska, I mean.  We are at that point of the roller coaster ride where we have crested the hill and are on the decent.  It’s that moment of decent where you pick up momentum and your cheeks get all wiggly.  I just see it all speeding up and getting crazy.

We had our pre move inspection this week and the movers think they can pack us up in a couple days.  We happen to agree and are excited about that.

We began making Memorial Weekend plans.  We will be heading through Assateague Island, where the wild ponies are.  Have you read Misty of Chincoteague?  Me too!!!  I get to see them for real after all this time!!

Then we will base out of Williamsburg, VA to visit both Yorktown and James Town.  Very exciting weekend, I am so jazzed!!

We have done quite a bit of travel recently, but without a computer at home to blog about it and share photos…. I hope to get those escapades up soon.

I shared another part of this comedian’s routine earlier this week because it just cracked me up!! I am sharing another portion today. His routine has just enough color that you can’t watch it with kids in the room, but if you are looking for a good evening relax moment, his whole thing is available to view instantly in Netflix. Take it away Gabriel!!!


10 thoughts on “Are we there yet?”

  1. You will get there! We are thinking of y’all in this hectic season. Can’t wait to see the pics of the adventures.

  2. I’m sure I’ve told you my niece and her hubby live in Sitka, Alaska? He’s in the Coast Guard and pilots rescue helicopters.Beautiful place.But not hot.

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