St Louis Arch

Our family has passed the St. Louis Arch many times in the past but have never stopped. This changed when my mother finally got through to us about the National Park Service’s Passport Book. This book would be ideal for folks who enjoy traveling and history.

The big black book has a zipper closure and divides the parks up by region. You can either buy the sticker stamps for each park (like we did) or you can go the scrapbook route like my folks and take pictures for each park you visit.

In each gift shop or Ranger Station you will find a cancelation stamper with the current date on it. Just stamp your passport book and enjoy the memories.

Today we stopped at the Jefferson Western Expansion Memorial, a.k.a the Gateway Arch. Two major surprises met us at this park.

1. The ark was beautiful and well kept. The grassy section was well manicured and the trees lined the walkways. The park rests right on the Mississippi Ricer, downtown Saint Louis, so the peaceful beauty was truly a surprise.

2. The museum was very informative, well thought out, and pioneer focused. A visual timeline charted the history of the expansion beginning with the Louisiana Purchase, going through the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and onto the great pioneering growth of our nation. It was wonderful!!

My children really enjoyed the exhibits of the: buffalo, Indian teepee, sod home, stagecoach, Conestoga covered wagon, and the gear of a Cavalry Soldier.

It turned out to be a very delightful stop 🙂

4 thoughts on “St Louis Arch”

    1. I meant to remind everyone to look on eBay first. The parks want $50 for them, and I got ours on eBay for $17 shipped ;-). I think you guys will love it, Jamers.

  1. so cool! one of the things I love about blogging is that everyone is from a different part of the country or world and there are so many cool places and things to do out there!!

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