My old Kentucky home

I hadn’t got this posted in a timely manner 😦  I just couldn’t seem to get myself online with the computer to add the pictures I wanted to share.  So here it is post dated and hidden in the mix 😉

Yesterday we had the pleasure of driving through Kentucky, the state we have spent the most time in our married life.

We woke up in our friend’s house to hot waffles being made. After a relaxed morning with them (the kids periodically ran through in various costumes) we loaded the van back up to hit more sights.

We visited Lincoln’s Birthplace and snapped some pictures of the kids at the spring where a young Abe fetched water for his mother.

Lincoln’s Family Bible

Family statue, Abe is the baby

Replica log home circa Abe’s cabin, found near property
Fresh spring where the Lincoln’s fetched water

We then went down to Mammoth Cave. Mammoth Cave holds some fun memories. I will try to share those next Monday 😉

“Say cheese.”

Working the Jr. Ranger book

While we were heading in to eat lunch (Long John Silvers, oh yea, fried fish!) my friend let me know that it was National Donut day.  Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme were handing out free donuts!  So we partook of that delight and found out that in Evansville, IN the Krispy Kreme will give a free glazed donut if you stop in when their ‘Hot and Fresh’ sign is lit up.  Woohoo!!  More free donuts!!

After this long day of many sights, we hit the hotel, wore the kids out in the pool, and went to bed.  It was a great day!

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