Are they really a supreme court?

I feel very disappointed in the Supreme Court today. The two basic rulings were:

1. The government can force you to buy something you don’t want to buy (Obamacare)

2. They sanctioned lying as a first amendment right (the stolen valor law)

I know it is much more complicated than that and my best friend, who is a lawyer, is trying to explain it to me. But I can still feel this way and state it… I have a first amendment right to, according to the SC.

To make me feel better I sit by the window looking at our mountain (inside joke there) and it looks amazing this morning with a low lying cloud circling the base. Thank you God for the beauty of the earth that cannot lie or disguise your magesty.

2 thoughts on “Are they really a supreme court?”

  1. I agree. I am disgusted by those two decisions. So now as an American my taxes will pay for the healthcare of those that won’t care for themselves, I will be forced into a plan I don’t want, and I can go buy medals and make up stories about how I fabulous I am in battle. Way to go SCOTUS.

  2. You view is soooo relaxing! I love it! I feel calmer just looking at the picture.We are very disappointed in this ruling, as well. When I heard the comment yesterday that the government just got bigger and the individual just got smaller I found myself thinking, “but our God did not get smaller. He is still greater than all of this and He is still in control.” This thought comforts me in the midst of my frustration and anger and the temptation to be fearful about the future of our country.

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