Making it work

There are always challenges to moving and getting settled in, so this move is really no different. We chose to downsize for financial and personal reasons. Alaska can be expensive for many things, groceries being the number one thing. With our large family of big eaters we needed to cut costs someplace and housing was a good place to start. We also had to replace the family van and having a car note after nearly 4 years without was another reason. Lastly, when hubby begins looking for a church position we will need to be prepared for the cut in pay, all across the board. It was just a wise way to go for our future. We really don’t need to keep expanding our lifestyle 😉

One unique challenge at The Cabin is closet space. The master bedroom area has a huge walk in because she converted a small bedroom into a closet, complete with organization. I love that. However, there is no door for the master sleeping area, just a bar for a curtain. Not so much fun. The only space for our TV room is on the other side of that open doorway. Which does help with he ‘screen detox’ we are also trying to achieve here. We won’t be getting cable, we have to pay for the usage of Internet….this will hopefully explain my gaps in commenting or blogging. I simply can’t get on everyday 😉

We also discovered that the dryer hookup here is gas…we have an electric dryer. Our landlady was sweet enough to give us her set since she won’t need has dryer stateside. In the spirit of paying off the new van we are selling the washer dryer (my faithful cleansing pals). All things that you live with and adapt to when moving, right??

This has also been the first military move where so many things were broken. Our flat screen TV was broken, great for the cold turkey detox;-). We also lost both of the school bookshelves. Hubby was sweet and only put up half his reference library so I do have enough bookshelf for school. They broke the door on the TV stand and shattered the glass. And last but not least, the computer monitor stays black. Ugh.

A great and often repeated Army phrase comes to mind : “adapt and overcome!!!”. Yes drill sgt, may I have another 😉

3 thoughts on “Making it work”

  1. I can relate. We moved 40 mins outside the city (and therefore my dh spends at least 80 minutes everyday just getting to and from work) and bought a smaller house simply because the cost difference from Kentucky to Seattle is astronomical.We had a bunch of stuff get damaged this time around too (main thing was they ripped a lovely ole hole in our sectional couch…the couch we bought when we lived in Germany). We’ve submitted a claim for all the stuff, we can only hope it gets paid. Here’s hoping you get compensated for the damage too.

    1. Ugh, no way, a hole in your sectional!!! We lived in Tacoma when we were first were married and it is such a high cost of living place!!! And no COLA to help with it all. I hope your claim gets settled quickly.

  2. I am SO sorry to hear about your damage, that’s terrible. I hope you are compensated enough to replace them. That would be aggravating. Is there really any excuse for that? I don’t think. Movers get paid BIG bucks. The least they can do is do it RIGHT.Susan a/k/a Gran

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