Rain, rain, go away…

It rains a lot in Alaska.  The end of July tends to resemble a Seattle winter.  Practically, that mean that our mornings have a constant drizzle of rain until just after lunch when the sun decides to come out and play.  I know for you folks in the lower 48 trying to survive the nasty head, that sounds wonderful.  But I need to see the sun.  In fact most people need to see the sun.  The state of Washington used to have the highest suicide rate of the country because of the lack of sunshine throughout the year.

We are using the weather to our advantage.  We are reviewing some language arts with the kids and getting our fall school books lined up.  I love school planning!!  I have a quick question for any teachers out there: do you guys use any apple apps to keep grades and attendance?  I am just curious.

I have found several useful, educational apps.   Dan Russell has come up with 2 brilliant geography games.  Stack the Countries and Stack the States.  I highly recommend these games that can be played on an iPad, iPod, Windows, or Mac.  My oldest is enjoying these very much!!!
The kids also enjoy Bluster, created by McGraw-Hill.  This app helps with English Language Arts.

My older ones are really enjoying Jog Nog.  I love this app because it has so much within the Language Arts world.  There are vocabulary lessons and quizzes all the way to Science and Physics for older students.  You can add and use whatever parts needed to boost your classroom.

I hope the folks suffering the heat wave find relief soon, and I am praying for decent weather here… including a sighting of the sun!!!

Questions, comments, or concerns?

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