Why I have not blogged much…

For years now my wife has been … encouraging … me to either start a blog or to simply contribute in some way on the blogosphere. I’ve been very reticent to do so, and although I’m writing this post I’m not confident that I’ll post very often… At least for the time being. 

You see, I’m a chaplain in the Army. Therefore what I write has potential consequences. I’ve known of guys getting in trouble for comments made on their blog. So to avoid any potential and unnecessary difficulties for myself (and by extension my family) I’ve simply said “no” to the temptation to engage in blogging. 

But for a number of reasons, some of which may find there way into posts on this blog, I believe God is calling me to depart the chaplaincy and head into the pastorate of a local church. Consequently, I feel a sense of “liberation” and freedom to express myself more fully. 

So I invite you to join me on my occasional jaunts into a public forum!


Questions, comments, or concerns?

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