Happy frag-a-day!

Mommy's IdeaHappy Frag-a-day… happy frag-a-day, where the fragments a-l-l are singing…happy frag-a-day to you!!

Welcome again to the Friday fragments here at Kay’s Little Korner. I thank you all for stopping by last week, especially those who left a comment. I was very slow in returning the visit and I will explain why.


I asked for it last week and I got it this week. We had a nice 2 inch dusting of snow that the kids went out and played with on Monday. We then had a crazy wind storm that blew it all away. It’s almost like Alaska got jealous that New York was having so much press coverage, because the last three days the house has been creaking and the trees have been bending at the force of the wind.

Of course downed trees mean firewood, so I’m not too sad to see a few of them go. We just have to figure out how to get them up the hill. I came up with a good plan but my husband refuses to let us use the family van 😉 Party pooper!


Last Friday I was able to link in Thursday night before going to bed, which is why i was so high up on the list.  Within a few short hours I was hustling my two-year-old into the van, driving down to the emergency room on post, to find out whether he or not he had broken his arm.

In his brother were jumping off of the dressers in the room. Yes, you read that right, they were jumping off of the top of dressers!! During evening devotions Noah had told me that his arm hurt and he was favoring his right arm but I could not feel any broken bones. During the night he climbed into bed with me and was unwilling to move it in any way. He wasn’t even willing to play with my hair with his hurt arm..this is a huge deal with my boys.

Thankfully nothing was broken and he did indeed favor it at the ER as well so I didn’t quite look the fool. But the whole experience cost me most of my night of sleep. So I was coasting with the kids till hubby walked in the door 😉


I am a Star Wars fan, I will admit that, but I believe that the other Star Wars fans are going a bit overboard in their opinion of Disney making an Episode 7. I am not looking forward to the remaking or whatever they’re planning but some of the comments from other Star Wars fans are just nutty.


This month is Thanksgiving! I love turkey dinner!! We ‘practice’ it here a couple times throughout the year 😉 But Thanksgiving hardly gets a nod anymore. Halloween and Christmas of completely taking over the fall time frame. Could it be that in today’s society being thankful and focusing on the positive blessings in your life is not being promoted much anymore?

I have also been very dissatisfied with the blogging layout options for Thanksgiving.
Would you like to hop on over and see what I’m playing with? I have no idea which one to choose:

Blue With Pumpkins

Simple and Skinny

Darker with Turkey


Have you guys seen this video? I sort of wish the Iowa Hawkeyes would have this sort of a chance during a football game!! It has been a rough couple weeks for us. C’mon Hawks!!!

16 thoughts on “Happy frag-a-day!”

  1. While I’m not a huge fan of Thanksgiving, I have some hard and fast rules about waiting until it passes (and enjoying it more each year), before Christmas happens. No gift buying or decorating here until around 12/1 most years. It’s a season, Christmas time is, and while I delight in the Lord daily so therefore always celebrate His birth, I don’t do the red, green, and the like until December. That keeps it all special.

    1. Oooh, you have peaked my interest. Why don’t you like Tday? I am curious 🙂 (they need to have a thinker face)We also wait until December 1 to decorate and sing Christmas songs and all of that. Like you we celebrate Christ’s birth and death all year long 🙂 It’s a great reminder though!! Thank you for sharing!!

    2. I think, because I grew up with all brothers and young uncles, the day was always just, well, boring to me. My mom wasn’t one of those, “Come cook with the women,” kind of moms, she didn’t like cooking much, so I wasn’t allowed in the kitchen.It’s an okay day, just not a favorite.Coincidentally, my mom died on Thanksgiving 21 years ago, though that doesn’t make me dislike the day. Since I’ve been a teacher, I do work to find ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with my students. We make a sweet snack mix in which each ingredient has a special meaning. The kids who have older brothers or sister who were “mine” are looking forward to that!:)

    3. I can totally understand that! I didn’t mean to pry but I truly was curious. Thank you very much for sharing, And I hope to return your email soon… When I find a moment 😉

    1. I see what you’re saying about #3 but #2 has gotten enough votes that I’ll probably roll with that until the actual week of turkey day. I think having an attitude of gratitude would be beneficial 😉 Thank you for your vote 🙂

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