Friday Quickies

Mommy's IdeaIt’s been a busy week here so I’m going to have to keep this short. My husband comes home after a week being gone and I can’t wait for that man to walk through the door.

I am unloading my tidbits over with Mrs. 4444 at Half Past Kissin’ Time, so if you have some fragments bounce around inside your brain go on over and unload them. Every once in a while I cannot to get her button todisplay for me.

 It hasn’t been an awful week, but it has been a busy one. I realized that this year in our homeschool we would require much more structure than we have in the past. It was hard to implement being a spontaneous type, but it was necessary. It appears to work since this week it has been smooth sailing and timely finishings.


Can you believe we have no snow up here right now! Absolutely none!! Overnight we live in the teens, in the morning we start a fire to break the cool in the house, but we have no snow. Hubby was in Fairbanks all week where the highway was 9° and snow is everywhere. The local Alaskans keep telling me that the snow is coming, but I have to explain to five children why we have not on the ground yet. Just look at the forecast! Sunny, which is nice, but no snow?????

My left arm is sort of healing. This week we were able to scrub off all of the gross peeling iodine skin from surgery. I am able to wiggle my fingers and wave my wrist back and forth about 2°. What’s still bothers me is that I can’t use it to open anything or hold anything because I can barely put my forefinger and thumb together with any pressure. I even made the mistake a couple weeks ago of automatically reaching for something that was falling off the counter with my left hand. Trust me that did not go well. 
I am staying positive and there is a purpose for this entire process if for no other reason than it is again teaching me that I have more patience to gain and I need to learn to rely on other people.
I need to hook my camera up to this new computer because the mountains look absolutely beautiful with snow on the top reflecting a sunset. The site is enough to take your breath away. I want to share that with you guys in such a bad way!!

 I am probably the last person on earth to know anything about the PSY Gangnam Style craze, But I found a couple versions that made me laugh. First is a throwback to my younger years, oh heck, I still love the Transformers, I confess. I mean come on, who doesn’t love noble robots that come from outer space to save planet earth, right??

Not to be outdone, the Navy Midshipmen did a parody as well. I have to admit the Navy Academy version made me laugh even harder. Probably because we toured the Naval Academy just before we left the Washington DC area this summer.

Do you have a favorite version of this song??


16 thoughts on “Friday Quickies”

  1. Visiting from Friday Fragments today…funny I mentioned snow in my post too : ) Only I live less than an hour outside of Manhattan and we’re not supposed to have snow in October. I’m hoping last year was a fluke! Go easy with your recovery…I ripped a tendon in my thumb several years ago and the recovery was longer than I anticipated (wanted/could handle). I don’t think we realize how much we depend on everything working correctly until it doesn’t. Have a nice weekend!

    1. Last year’s snow for you guys was a fluke, I think. I can understand why you don’t want it, but we have been looking for a place with lots of snow forever 🙂 We have been stationed in places like North Carolina, Washington DC, and Kansas, none with lots of snow.Thank you for the encouragement. It is extremely hard to take it slow especially with my personality. But I was foolish when I was recovering from another major issue years ago and I am suffering because of my impatience. How is your thumb doing now?

  2. I am not ready for S**W. I don’t want to say the word and jinx myself. ;-)I absolutely despise the Gangam Style song. I swear my kids play it non-stop just to drive me nuts!Have a great weekend!

    1. I can imagine that would be ridiculously annoying. My kids are blissfully ignorant and have no idea what that song is. I have no intention of letting them listen to either of them today ;-)Thank you and I hope you have a good one as well!!

  3. The Navy ones crack me up, too! Have you checked out the Mitt Romney one? You should–there are different lyrics and it’s pretty hysterical. There is one for Obama, too, but it’s not as funny. And I say that objectively–it’s not because I was bothered by anything. Mike concurs on the humor assessment.–Layni

    1. So says the man from South Carolina ha ha Ha 😉 I think we are mostly impatient for the snow because this is the first place we have lived that promises snow. Even the locals won’t actually say the word because they want it to hold off as long as possible.

  4. That is strange about the snow. I hope you get some soon. My husband bought a snow plow last year, we did not have one drop of snow. I have a feeling it is coming big time this year.I love the sailors..the song is getting on my nerves a tad bit, my grandkids love it..Have a great weekend with your husband!

    1. That’s funny Doreen because we have been kicking around the idea of buying a snowplow instead of hiring someone to do our long driveway. The reason we are torn is simply because we only have two years at this assignment and they are both heavy and expensive. Maybe we could just borrow yours 😉

  5. Safe travels to your husband and healing for your hand!I am impressed that you added structure to your home school routine. I have always worried that if I ever tried HS, I would never get anything done. It is such a difficult and commendable thing you are doing.Those are both fun versions of the song — thank you for sharing!:-)Traci

    1. It is hard, especially since I prefer to be loose and impromptu. But this past week has shown me that my kids do need the structure since they are responding happily to it. So hard for the ‘old dogs’ you know??

  6. It’s finally chilly enough here that I need to light the pilot on my fireplace so I can use it to ward of the am chill rather than turn up the head since we are gone all day.It’s plenty rainy here because of Sandy and my hometown up north is under water! Need to check in with the fam a little later this morning.I only heard about gangnam last night.

    1. Oh good, so I am not the only person out of the loop with that song ;-)How did your family fair? Are they all ok? Our friends are all safe and sound, which is a blessing!!

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