We’re in the dark…

I was chatting with my father the other day, telling him about getting up for school while it was still dark. The faithful photographer said “take pictures!”

Here is Noah at breakfast, the clock on the wall says 8:00 am. Now I have to drag the others out of bed and convince them that we need to get to our schooling…in the dark 😉

6 thoughts on “We’re in the dark…”

  1. My husband works a long day. He is up at 5:30am (in the dark) and comes home after 6pm (in the dark). I’d go insane not being about to see the sun!

    1. Right now the sun comes up fully by 9:30 and begins setting at 6 PM. The shortest sunlit day of the year will be Joshua’s birthday, December 22, where we will have the sun rise at 11 and said at around 2pm.

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