Review of The Learning Odyssey

Thanks to the school program here in Alaska, my children have been using The Learning Odyssey for their social studies and science. The web-based programs are easy-to-read and fun to navigate for students.

My third grader has really enjoyed his social studies unit. He experiences quite a bit of repetition as well as delightful pictures to help engage him in the history of the Inuit people. There are small quizzes throughout the unit of study to help the student learn facts and embed themselves in young minds. There are also fun activities like word searches and puzzles to engage the young student.

I appreciate the repetition for my young learner, because his memory is not so great šŸ˜‰ They also have pronunciation guides and vocabulary assistance throughout the lessons.

My sixth grader is doing social studies as well as science. The science has videos so you can watch experiments pertaining to the subject at hand.

My favorite part of this web-based curriculum is that as the parent I can login to look at their scores, attendance, and duration of their lesson time. There are a variety of reports that you can print out to cover subjects, quiz averages, or attendance (how long they spent doing the lesson and quiz).

*Disclaimer: I am not being paid for or reimbursed for this review. It is simply a product that I am using that I am enjoying

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