Escape Rosecliff Island App

headerWe were introduced to Rosecliff Island by my husband who had the game on his Macbook first. He got my daughter hooked on it after taking her to work with him a few times. “You have ship wrecked on Rosecliff Island and you need to escape it. You will seek and find items in various parts of the island in order to escape it. Once you have completed all the levels, you will beat a brain game in order to start your escape boat and leave the island”

I really appreciate that Rosecliff Island allows for multiple users and their accounts. As you navigate the game of hunt and seek, you earn awards like unlimited see and find. This allows the players to open any of the pictures in the game to hunt all 75 possible hidden items.

This is one of the ‘match 3’ games. You shift items around to line up 3 similar object. This gives you points and once you clear the board you earn a gadget that will help you escape the island.

In each level, you have various rooms to seek and find your items. These rooms will repeat during the game, but the items rarely do!!

It can be a bit harder than you think and I loved that challenge.

This is the garden and you can see the items to hunt in your list below. As you tap the items you find, they will cross off in your list. You will be docked points if you attempt to cheat and tap all over the screen. It tracks that 😉

I have actually completed the entire game on the easy level. On the higher levels, you are timed in the rooms for hunting items. This will be an added challenge when I have the time to pursue it. It has been a loved game for this family 🙂


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