FF: If you’re fragging and you know it..

Mommy's IdeaIf you’re fragging and you know it, then your face will surely show it, if you’re fragging and you know it clap your hands 🙂

Do you have little tidbits that don’t make a full post? Are they clogging up your draft box? Come on over and unload your fragments with Mrs. 4444, she loves sweeping up that sort of stuff 😉


We got more snow this week! Yay for us, yay for us. Doing the happy dance!!  There is something very calming about the sound of a snow blower. I can still close my eyes and see my dad in his gray parka with the fur lined hood, just a coat with a para scope for a head, blowing off the driveway.
 I started working out again. I have that sore sensation again. It’s not horrible and I am praying that I don’t over do it so that I quit again. It is helping build strength in my left forearm too! 
One of my favorite workouts right now is the PS3 Sport’s Champion 2 game of boxing and tennis. While hubby just sits on the couch with his controller, I choose to get fully into the game and sweat it out. I even beat people left handed. Ha!!!I finally got the moose sighting video uploaded to youtube. It was a true struggle, let me tell you. I didn’t want to overload you guys with embedded videos.


I was sitting in the school room, preparing this post for next FF when a crazy thing happened. Hubby stepped outside to grab more logs for the wood stove and I heard thump, thump, thump, thump. The tell tale sounds of something falling down steps! I ran to the door to see him clinging to the railing near the bottom step.

What we hadn’t realized was that the temperature of our rainy day had dropped to make all wet surfaces ice covered. Thankfully he was not hurt, but since my fall in September, every time I hear someone fall my heart stops!


I have more app love to share! I finally got some of the educational apps posted. I posted about Word Seek, Montessori Letter Sounds, and Stack the States. If you have any apps reviewed or app love to share, please do so 🙂


Things heard around the house (I finally wrote them down as they were said!!!):

Mom, wuz at
An army man Noah. 
Mom, wuz at? 
A noise outside Noah.
Mom, wuz at?
Noah, I don’t know.
Mom, werz dad?
He’s at work babe.
Cause we like to eat.
Me av nack now?
(scene: mother, frustrated with messy bedrooms, lecturing down the line of children)
And Noah!!!
What mom? (imagine big eyes)
(slight pause)
Sorry kiddo, I have nothing to yell at you about.
Mom, when do you think we will move from Alaska?
Now can I go play in the snow??

“Hey babe, did you know that FDR rounded up the Japanese-Americans during WWII by Executive Order?”
“No kidding!? It sure sucks to get on the wrong side of the Govt, eh?”
“Yea, we had concentration camps here in America.”
(the man loves history!!)

(imagine the cacophony of 5 children talking at once)
Mom, JJ hit me.
He’s lying!
Mom, I need help with this math problem.
Mom, can I have a snack now.
I was talking to mom first!
Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy
You did too hit me!

One of the many ways you can tell we are a military family…



For your humorous pleasure, I will share another oldie but goodie. I happen to really enjoy the clean humor of Sinbad. What struck me were some of the humorous observations he made about college and high school kids…back in the 90’s!!! That was me!!


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