Like a fraggie ball

I keep bouncing back to you! Like a rubber ball, baby, that’s all I am to you…Mommy's IdeaYou bounce my heart around…You don’t even put her down..

Joining in the fragments today with Mrs. 4444 over at Half Past Kissin Time. Do you have fragments to unload? Bounce on over and dump them in her ‘yard’, I am sure she won’t mind 😉


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This FF post was started a couple weeks ago. I didn’t get on last Friday to finish it up for posting because I was busy enjoying my Valentine’s Day gift.

Hubby gave me a whole day to myself. I got to go do the grocery shopping alone (and yes, I happen to be one of those really weird people who love grocery shopping!), I was able to stop for Starbucks coffee, I had fast food lunch that was horrible for me ;-), and then spent the afternoon with my daughter getting pedicures together. It was a wonderful day and so very relaxing. Thank you so much sweetie for knowing what I needed and covering the home place for me!! The man even did homeschool with the kids. Wowsa and wooohoo!!!


JJ caught a nasty cold this week. I won’t go TMI on you, but he had a rough week. He did get to sleep in a recliner in order to breathe easier. He slept through the insanity that is our breakfast routine Wednesday! The sun is still not up until after 9am here.

 The nasty cold thing swept through all the kids. I usually do a pretty good job of isolating the sicko and keeping the germs contained. Not this time 😦

Can I tell you how wonderful it was having this sickness here this week? It wasn’t a gross sickness, it just made my kids all lethargic and sleepy. I got all sorts of stuff done around here 😉


I would like to draw attention to a few fun series going on right now that you may be unaware of.

1. Harrington Harmonies is doing an amazing series on Chaplains that caught my attention a few weeks ago. I am now hooked (’cause you know I love history!). She has put together and found some inspirational Chaplains in her series:

 2. Hubby is doing a series on Forgiveness in Marriage. I know some may not be religious, but forgiveness inside any relationship does not hinge on religion. Forgiveness is a key issue in maintaining a relationship with anyone and the need for it arises on a pretty regular basis (if you are married to another human being 😉 )

3. A group of blogs I read regularly have a series going concerning living Frugal in 2013. I love this subject and I love sharing the ways we have chosen to be more frugal this past year. In fact, it’s a series I wanted to do myself, but I just never seemed to get it off the ground. This week I posted my frugal with cell phones post and next week will be tracking money. There are some very creative ladies out there who do frugal so that it’s not ‘frumpy’. You should give them a gander 🙂

Frugal Family 2013


I am finally doing one of those famous 30 day challenge things, but of course, I tweaked it 😉

A couple months ago, hubby and I were discussing the meal planning and we both realized that it had been months since I had tried a new recipe. I was cycling the same 10 or so meals through the kitchen and that is unlike me. So, with the help of Jamie and Pinterest giving me a nudge, I have decided that for the next 30 days: I will not repeat a dinner meal. It has actually been fun and challenging not to fall back on some favorites that I know without really thinking 😉

This week we have had:

Stuffed Manicotti
New Orleans Crab and Shrimp Soup
Japanese Steakhouse with fried rice with homemade crab rangoons
Split Pea Soup


Another one for my football fans (those of us already going through withdrawal, yet needing the break from our team’s rough year). These are a compilation of the top ten favorite Super Bowl commercials from 2008!


30 thoughts on “Like a fraggie ball”

  1. What a thoughtful Valentine’s gift! When my kids were little, I relished those trips to the grocery store by myself. Now I look forward to going with my college daughter every few weeks. Our little get-together. Funny how time changes things! And I do remember how much I could get accomplished when they were feeling a little sick. lol

    1. My sisters and I love grocery shopping with mom. You are right, it switches up a bit when you grow up. How fun that you guys get to do that!It is nice to get things done, eh? 😉

  2. So much good stuff here…First, congrats on a great day to yourself. That is indeed a luxury. Secondly, I hope your little man is much better — I have slept with my kids on the couch to help keep them semi-upright. Boy, would I have liked a recliner!Finally, I am trying to be more frugal so I will check out that meme.My best to you this weekend!:-)Traci

    1. I insisted on a recliner when the 3rd baby was on the way. I needed it to sleep in myself ;-)We know just how special a day away for ourselves can be, don’t we??The frugal thing has already given me several good ideas. I hope you find some good nuggets too 🙂

  3. I love grocery shopping too. There’s something so therapeutic about pushing around a cart.I agree. No matter who you are and what you believe. Forgiveness is a basic human necessity for the forgiver. So many people are made sick by their bitterness. It’s sad. And I’ve definitely been there. I stay frugal with our cell phones by having a family plan with my sister and brother in law. Congrats on actually making pinterest food. It all looks yummy

    1. My folks share a plan with my sister and her hubby. That is a great idea too!! We are just too far away to benefit from it :-(Oh I totally agree, forgiveness is so much for the forgiver!! Bitterness is some nasty baggage to carry around 😦

    1. Our ‘cabin’ is a much more severe A frame style, but this is a typical Alaska house this time of year. It’s why I chose it. But I would have preferred the sky to be more clear lately so that I could get our cabin, snow covered, with the mountains behind it. *sigh* I never seem to get good photos taken 😦

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