Birthday Guest Post from Mom

I asked my mother to do a guest post on my birthday.  She did!  How cool is that!  You have no idea how proud of her I am, because she is not ‘hip’ with the computer and types very slow.

Thank you, mom, for taking the time to do EVERYTHING you have done for me, including this post 🙂

Isn’t mom a cutie??

I first met Kara when her movements resembled a butterfly fluttering in my abdomen.  She was several months old in-utero at that time because I am her mother. Her movements grew as she grew. She was an active baby during the months we shared my body although I didn’t know how active because I had no comparison. She was my first full term child.

I thought she should come out to meet us face to face long before her February  28 due  date because it felt like there was no more available space.  On February 28, a Saturday,  Kara’s dad and I were planning to go to the wedding of my friend Mary. Kara thought we should do a trial run on the exit plans instead. Contractions became consistently 5 minutes apart that morning and we went to the hospital as directed. The nurses all put their hands on my abdomen and said they felt “good strong contractions”, which continued to be at 5 minute intervals and then  4 minute intervals for several hours. That evening the contractions became irregular as Kara deemed practice was over, and we were sent home to wait.

Mom holding 2 grands 2007

Later the next week we had an appointment  with the doctor and he became concerned about the size of this growing baby. We went to radiology on Monday March 7 and they did an Xray of Kara’s head compared to my pelvic inlet. Doctor Bond felt it would be a tight fit and we should report Tuesday morning  to be induced but we should be prepared for a possible c-section.

Tuesday morning at 7am we reported to the labor area and they broke my water. Within one hour we had very intense contractions and they continued to get more intense and closer all day. Kara did not like her world under this pressure and after each contraction she braced her leg against my lower rib and stretched. Mid afternoon it was time for me to push her out and we worked on that for more than an hour and a half. She came out at 5:08 pm on the March 8, 1977, a beautiful 8 pound round faced girl with lots of dark hair and she proceeded to win our hearts forever. 

10 thoughts on “Birthday Guest Post from Mom”

  1. What a keeper of a post this is. I wish I were blogging when my mom was alive b/c I would have asked her to do the same. BTW – Happy Birthday, Kay.

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