Belated Memorial Day Salute

My Memorial Day was spent with family and I was unable to get my salute up on the blog.

Thank you to my Grandfather who served during WWII. Thank you to my father who served during Vietnam. I believe your country did you wrong and I pray that you will finally be honored the way you should have been when you came back home from your tour.

Thank you to my friends who served along side me. Thank you, honey, for serving today.

For all the men and women who serve around the world today: be safe, stay the course, and don’t forget those who faithfully stand behind you when you are away!!

 photo 3874298_4886423.jpg

 photo military-3.gif

2 thoughts on “Belated Memorial Day Salute”

  1. I like that first saying. Thank you and your family for the support they have given to the country.Hey remember that comment you left that mentioned a “pretty coffee cup”. I just gave you a shout-out for inspiring my latest post. thankshttp://afcsoac.blogspot.com/2013/06/coffee-mug-and-genes.html

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