FF: Every light is on.

Welcome to a sad and blue Friday Fragments. The house is quiet, the guests have gone, and I am blue 😦 It makes me think of that old Trace Adkins song that is a fave between my bestie and me:

Would it help to know that currently in AK we only have dusk for about 5 hours a day??? It feels like every light in our house is on ALL THE TIME!!

Half-Past Kissin' Time


I just have the blues when the guests go 😦 I drove my parents and middle sister to the airport Tuesday morning at 3am for their 5am flight. The next 2 days dragged by as I vegged and let the kiddos run amok. I just didn’t feel like doing anything. My sweet hubby brought pizza home for supper that night because he knew I would be blue. Isn’t that cool?? I hope I remembered to thank him…


Have you ever been waiting for something that you are so excited about? Hubby has given me the amber light to move my blog to a self hosted space!!! I am so jazzed about it! The reason I don’t have the green light is simply because we need to budget in the start up costs. But woohoo!!! I hope you all come along with me when I shuffle over 🙂


We are trying to patiently wait for the next chapter of our lives to begin. It may even be away from the military…. but only God knows what comes next. Military life has a unique struggle in that your life could change at any moment at the whim of Big Army. I am trying so hard not to be so focused on what could happen to us that I miss what is happening to us.

Side note: I miss the way you used to pin Pinterest things. I hate not being able to wrap the text around these new fangled widgets 😦


I have to fight a jealous bug pretty badly these days. We have new neighbors next door, and THANKFULLY they didn’t end up being the college crew that I was afraid of when they walked through. My kitchen window over the sink looks right out into their front yard. The new couple are DINK’s (dual income, no kids) and the lady drives a very pretty mustang.  For your information, that is my dream car 😦 So now, while doing dishes, I star at a pretty vehicle and secretly wonder when she will slide into the tree at our crazy, hilly, turn.

I know, very bad 😦 I am working on it.



I don’t know if you guys managed to see this video, but it brought tears to my eyes. The loyalty of a dog is hard pressed to beat!


10 thoughts on “FF: Every light is on.”

  1. That’s a gorgeous Mustang and I loved the Trace Adkins video. I really need to listen to country music a little more often. I only know the old stuff. But this video reminds me just how much I love it.

    1. The song of his that really tears me up is “You’re ganna miss this”. Definitely take the time to see that one on youtube!!! Well worth it!We actually have a country station up here that plays Hank, Merle, Dolly, Patsy, and Conway. I love it!!!

  2. Well, we’re actually going to be in Urbandale where my brother lives, but I don’t know the when I’m in Urbandale and when I’m in Des Moines. But, I do know that I love, love the area. They have lived there for 7 years and we’ve enjoyed visiting them most every year. Lots to do and see!Blessings to you as you wait on the Lord to show you His next plan for you and your family. Oh, so hard to wait on HIm at times. Happy weekend!

    1. Right, it is hard, but that is when faith is stretched and rest is found in His arms :-)My uncle is in Urbandale. Great area!! Have a wonderful visit and may the skies be blue for wedding photos 🙂

  3. “Have you ever been waiting for something that you are so excited about?”Two things I am waiting for that I am excited about – my holiday with my British friend friend (we will be traveling on chosen places around the Philippines) and the arrival of my pre-ordered Hanson CD.Congratulations on having a self-hosted space. I am also thinking of doing that to my blog, but I have to wait for GoDaddy to run a sale on domains. 10 dollars is quite expensive for me, and a blogger friend told me she just bought a domain for just 2 dollars.

    1. I hope you have a wonderful time with your friend!!! I eagerly await photos :-)I was told by an internet tech friend to avoid godaddy like the plague. Hopefully you have a good experience with them! I am going to use BlueHost and hopefully get hubby the sign on bonus from my joining….maybe he will share and I can get a pedi out of the deal 😉

  4. My mom leaves tomorrow. I caught her crying over my sister’s baby this evening… my kids are going to miss her dearly and so will I, since this time, she wasn’t actually staying with me. I only got her in small doses.My former father in law drives a Mustang Convertible!

    1. I am glad you had good times with mom this round 🙂 You should go claim that mustang for yourself!!! Bet the kids would love the convertible!!

    1. It is nice to get back into our routine. I think it was just so hard this time because it was a year of no visitors, and once the final guests leave in late August, there will be another year of no visitors. Such a feast and famine sort of schedule 😦

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