The Age of Napoleon

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In my life…

Hubby has been gone this week on Temporary Duty to San Antonio, TX. The temp difference from Alaska to Texas was 40 degrees. Hubby had a rough first few days 😉  While he was gone, I caught up on some girly movies. I wish I could have watched them with someone, because the movies I chose would have made for some great sociology discussion. Sliding Doors, Proof of Life, and City of Angels.

In our homeschool…

We are entering our 3rd year with Tapestry of Grace and that means focusing on the 19th Century. We entered our school year with the Age of Napoleon. He struggled through his early childhood being bullied as school for his course manners, he felt unloved by his father, and all of those factors came together in the Little General.

Our Books:

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All of these things have been placed in the 1800’s post of our History Hunting. What sort of things have you posted from this time frame? Would you consider including them in our history hunting links?

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Tips to share…

This year, I had to do things a bit differently with so many kids at the table. We are trying to teach them to share the only teacher they have, and in order to do this I chose to create a much more structured school time. Each child is doing their teacher intensive lessons at different times, so that I can be shared easily. We have had to have a few reminders, especially when I am working on the 1st graders reading but I believe it is going well. The structure is hard for me, being a spontaneous character, but it’s working, and that’s what I need. Sometimes a rigid schedule is necessary.

We are also continuing the pencil rule I created last year: if I find a pencil and pick it up, it becomes mine. If the student wishes to get a pencil from me, they can pay me a quarter or do a chore for me in order to get the pencil. It is working very well. I just need to figure out how to get them to pick up their school books before racing for the door when they have completed school 😦

Video to share…

Brian Regan is a pretty clean comedian and his little ditty on his school days got me to laughing. I would watch this video several times over just to fully catch his version of the I before E rule 😉

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