Thankful Thursday

Thankful to be settling in!

Thankful Thursday

give thanks

I am so very late for the Thankful Thursday meme! I am hoping folks will be understanding as to why…

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I am so very thankful today for:

~ getting settled in!! We were on the road for just over a month, 45 days. Being ‘in transit’ that long can surely wear a family down!!

~ for this home! God blessed us through a friend and we were able to rent a lovely home in a wonderful neighborhood for these 6 months!

~ thankful for my mother! She was very generous with her girls and their kids. Mom was able to score some tickets for Disney on Ice and she bought the remainders for a day out with the fam. It was so much fun. Most of the time we had fun watching the kids having fun, and then of course you can’t get me with my sisters without some humor happening 😉

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~ beating our old record!! It was a bit grueling this time with the sinus issues and all, but we beat our previously held ‘unpacking record’ during this PCS! We had every box opened by the 2nd day and mostly unpacked by day 3. I even have a pile of things that I am free cycling that will be going away very soon. We chose to go ahead and put pictures up on the walls. The landlord left gaping nail holes and these huge walls are just begging for coverings. You can deny wall a decoration for it, that’s just cruel!

~ for all of you who have actually been participating with the meme. I realize it was losing a bit of steam and my missing days during the move was not good, but folks are still stopping by and I hope you are finding things to be thankful for even when I am not on the ball. I actually had posts ready during the PCS but I didn’t get the right button hit for them to publish 😦

This is an amazing season we are in, and there are so many things for which to be thankful for in life! Please consider sharing your gifts and blessings with me!

4 thoughts on “Thankful to be settling in!”

    1. Me too!! It is so very hard to get into the Christmas spirit when you are living in transition and box-land 😉 I am just loving this southern weather!!!

  1. SO glad the home thing worked out 🙂 PS: My ear surgery went well-I’m recovering. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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