The Tree is Trimmed 2013

Welcome to the 2013 Tour of Homes

Hosted by The Nester

Merry Christmas from South Carolina! This year finds us in a new home as Uncle Sam moved us from our Alaska assignment down to South Carolina for the winter. Not bad, eh? Very ‘retired’ feeling, truly! We have a lovely front porch to wind lights and garland around if it would only stop raining long enough to do it. We don’t have the winter wonderland view like we did in Alaska, but we have sun shine and the Christmas season is finally in full swing just a week after we began to unpack in our new home here in SC.

 Our beautiful quilted runner graces the entry table and supports the Christmas sconce and candy cane candles. They may seem cheesy, but our kids love them, so that’s why they are here again 🙂


Our large wreath is actually on the front door in this home. No outer screen door to smash it all up!


Our advent wreath graces our formal dining room table. Due to moving in the first of December, our candles were just placed into the holders this weekend. We haven’t even fired them up yet.


The same sweet friend who made our table runner also made this hanging wreath for us. Hubby was willing to drive a nail into the stairway wall just to show it off 😉

susans wreath

As soon as we saw the fireplace and mantle we knew how we were going to make it the focal point of our room!


My New England Village went up very easy this year! I had pretty limited space again since the new house actually has the room for my china hutch! I just need to figure out how to hide the power cords better next year. Hubby suggested I drill a hole in the back of my hutch, oh no sir!!!


Calvin and Luther get into the Christmas spirit, thanks to hats made by Eva. Hubby begged for months for these to be made for his statues!

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It wouldn’t be a proper southern home without the wrap around porch on the house! The rain finally let off long enough for me to wrap and bow the front half. I just love this porch! We have already lifted many a hand to our neighbors as they walk or drive past in the 2 weeks we have lived at the house.


Last but not least, our tree! Our kids love homemade ornaments and love decorating the tree. I have them line up for ornament handout. This year we lost 3 glass balls and one glass ornament. All completely by accident! Even our 3 year old was impressive with his careful ornament placements this year!

[wc_row][wc_column size=”one-half” position=”first”]


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angel on tree


 photo christmas_still2-1.gif

Thank you so much for stopping by in the Tour of Homes! May the hope, joy, peace, and love of the season be every present in your hearts! 


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12 thoughts on “The Tree is Trimmed 2013”

    1. They sure do! Sometimes I have to remind them to slow down and wait for us all to decide where things go. It’s a good problem to have 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Wow! From Alaska to Carolina! Home is where you find yourself with those you love. May your time in the warmer climate give you all some delightful memories.

    Christmas blessings …

    1. Thank you, Linda! It is a huge difference and I caught a cold for it 😉 Home is where the Army sends us and where are family resides 🙂

    1. We all get into Christmas here 🙂 My daughter always wants to help wrap garland around various things. That makes decorating special for me!

  2. Your new home is so pretty. The porch just lovely!You work so fast too, I’m impressed. I was away for two weeks and feel like I’m chasing my tail.
    The kids are so adorable..
    Merry Christmas and God Bless your family!

    1. I think we pushed ourselves to do if quickly because we knew this was just a 6 month school. If we had dallied very long, there would be no reason to open a box come May 😉 Hahaha. Have a wonderful Christmas 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I was pretty excited to bump into your blog. We have only passed through Nashville. We are thinking of doing that now that we are stationed in SC 🙂

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