Trip Pics

Day Twenty-Four

I am finally sharing photos of the PCS from Alaska to South Carolina! We logged 4,374 miles for this trip, give a little more for the running around we did at each stop. Wow! Big Army gives 13 days for this trip, but since I travel with my hubby (who is who he is) we could have done it in less. The man is a driving machine and I am extremely thankful that he can do what he does while we all sleep!

The most beautiful aspect of our trip was heading east each morning. We saw the sunrise over every major mountain range in North America. Words can’t describe the awe and majesty of this view! Thankfully, we took some breathers during the road trip too! We stopped at West Edmonton Mall, which used to be the biggest mall in the world before the Dubai mall was built. We also stopped in MN at a water park there to play with my best friend and godson. We rolled through the ‘homeland’ to see family and then shot quickly down to South Carolina to begin getting settled in. 

It was a wonderful trip full of great memories, like being stuck on the Alaska Highway while the only bridge across a river was being worked on. We sat along the road for 3.5 hours. We walked in the woods, played on the highway, and were so very thankful for the blankets/cold weather gear that we packed. There was no letting the van idle for those hours when we still had too many miles to travel with no gas station available.

Another great memory were the critters we saw, including the buffalo we had to slowly drive around because they were NOT moving from the middle of the highway. Danny will happily share his memory of the Edmonton Water Park where he rode a water slide that slung him upside down in a tube 😉

This is part of a blogging series “Planning a Military Move.”

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