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Thankful Thursday

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We are less than a week away from Christmas, how y’all doing? I would love to say that due to the move in December we are a bit behind in the gift acquisitions and such. That is not completely accurate. We grumble at ourselves ever year for it, but we are pretty last minute shoppers. This year we haven’t even packaged for shipping our extended family gifts. That’s pretty bad for us!

Yet even during this crazy time of year and moving into a new home/state/job, we are blessed and very thankful. We are most thankful for Christmas and what that means for our home. We are pretty traditional people and we find comfort in having traditions, especially this time of year.

~ I am very thankful for our Advent wreath. I love having our evening devotions focus on: hope, joy, peace, and love. I love watching our kids eagerly light their candle for the night. I hope the visual helps to solidify those truths in their minds for recall and reflection later in life. I love the repetition of doing this every year. As we unpack to decorate for Christmas, the kids will ask where this wreath is and vie for who gets to put the candles in first!

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~ I am thankful for our tree. It has taken me many years to actually get to that point. When we were first married, we had fake trees for the cost of it all. We eventually rolled with hubby’s tree dreams and bought real trees. For each and every tree I dreamed of having a ‘theme’ tree. A tree where the ornaments, ribbons, lights, and skirt would coordinate in whatever color scheme I desired. I grew up with the eclectic look, hubby came from the eclectic look, I wanted classy. What we have now are homemade ornaments from our childhoods, gifted ornaments, ornaments from our world travels, and NONE of it matches 😉 But I have come to love our tree and the decorating of it. Our kids love doing it and it has created many a memoir over the years for our family. So yes, finally, I am thankful for our tree tradition!

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~ I am thankful that my husband loves shopping for presents. I can get pretty overwhelmed with shopping for everyone, extended family included. He puts thought into this well in advance and puts that plan into practice. We discuss the gifts but he spearheads the purchases. I do love that and am thankful for the help.

~ I am thankful for these children who also love Christmas. They earn wages for the chores they do around the house. We then teach them about saving and spending plans, where their money is placed into a savings account for Christmas gift purchases.  Hubby walks them through their budget in December for each person and they excitedly troop off to purchase gifts for the other members of the family. This year, the level of thoughtfulness my children have shown has humbled me. They are very intimately knowledgable of what their siblings would just love. Even my difficult child was very thoughtful and purposeful in his purchases. I love seeing that! I am very thankful for these moments of peace between my offspring.

What traditions do you have during Christmas time? What are you thankful for this week or month or time of year? Please share them with me!


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