Friday Fragments

FF: New to SC

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments

I do need to unload some frags. We have been ‘in transition’ for over 2 months now. I am so excited to say that we are settled in here in South Carolina. I also can’t tell you how weird it feels after growing up in the Midwest and having spent the last 17 months in Alaska, to be wearing flip-flops on December 20 because we will reach 70* today. Very, VERY, strange! We plan on taking photos of us grilling on New Year’s as a throw back to when my FIL was stationed here back in the late 80’s.

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It’s been a while since I joined in the FF. I am wondering if anyone else has noticed a decline in blog linking and commenting. I recognize the harsh reality that my blog is not an uber popular mega blog. But even for me, the traffic has been pretty slow. I am praying that much of it is folks spending time with family this Christmas season. Any theories on what is going on? I am not on FB, but was wondering if that is really where folks do most of their chatting and such. Ah well.


I participated with the 2013 Tour of Homes again this year. I do love that hop. I am one of the weird people who walk through open houses just to see what folks have going on and to get ideas for myself. I had so much fun decorating our new rental house. We have a mantle and a front porch, yay!!! Wanna come see it? We have the same decorations as always. I don’t have the storage space nor the finances to keep adding to our collection, but I did see some fabulous ideas with hurricane lamp large bowls!! Will be hitting after holidays sales for some of my needs 😉

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Bob Hope’s home came up for sale earlier this year. Did you happen to see it? I loved looking at the pictures. I also enjoyed the series Selling Spelling that aired a few years ago. Talk about some fine famous homes!!! Though it did make me sad that the Spellings tore down Bing Crosby’s home to build that huge mansion.


I am in a holding pattern waiting for my friends to show up here. Because I plan to ‘cash in’ on having old friends close this next 6 months, I plan on some streamlining here on the blog. I have never been to any blogging conferences, but I get the gist of having a focus to the blog for it to stand out. I won’t have time, nor do I want to become some corporate sponsored constant advertising space, but having a basic theme would probably be very useful this next few months. 

  • Mondays: back to the Memory Lane postings. This time I plan to do a music based series. There are songs that just spark memories or thoughts.
  • Tuesdays: I am doing my own weight loss thing and it appears to be working. I hope to share what is working for me since I am not using drugs or pills or any special program. All me and all common sense stuff.
  • Wednesdays: hump day devotions. Verses to get you through your week or just to survive the middle of them 😉
  • Thursdays: this will be the only consistent each week. I believe in focusing on the blessings in our lives because we so easily focus on the negatives in life. Listing our blessings is a great way to remember to be thankful in our life.

We shall see how it goes. The rest of the week will be homeschool coop and hanging out with friends. I really need to bank some social time since I have no idea where we go next and I hardly hung out with anyone in Alaska. I made some good buddies, but everyone was pretty entrenched in their own lives and EVERYONE hibernates during the long winter. It is was it is, but I had a rough time with it.


Do you have some fragments running around your brain? Join in the Friday Fragments to unload them and meet some real fun people!!

10 thoughts on “FF: New to SC”

  1. Yes I have noticed a drop in blog visits. It probably is natural to think it’s your own blog’s problem. It’s wide spread I think. I think it is directly related to FB and smartphones. Also, maybe the “fad” part of blogging died off. There are lots of reasons people blog. I think I have figured mine out but I must say I do wonder at times. I think a general theme works. Mine general idea is “lighten up”. To be too strict in your blog (assuming it’s not a company/organization blog) defeats one of the benefits of a blog – you get to be in control.

    1. Yay, it’s not just me. I also have not been posting much this past month. Not writing and not visiting probably attributes, eh? I do like the eclectic and I suppose my blog reflects it. I remember you telling me you hadn’t cracked the code either. I appreciate the encouragement and honesty!

  2. Oh yeah, I’ve noticed a decline in the whole blogging interaction. I feel like it’s crickets over at my place, but I also haven’t been able to post or make the rounds much.

    1. That makes me feel better, thank you Claudya!! You are a very popular blogger, get lots of interaction. So maybe it’s not me? Actually, it could be me, I fully understand that I have no focus to my blog. Guess it’s as rattled as my brain, bwahahaha 😉

  3. I’ve lived in Florida for my entire life and I don’t think I could handle a real winter! I never want to move, unless it’s to St Augustine or FURTHER south.
    I’m glad you’re settling in.

    1. St. Augustine is absolutely gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to take the kids there this spring! I got a kick out of your Instagram picture of Florida not playing the cool off game. It made me chuckle. We are enjoying the warm weather, but it just seems real odd. We have no desire for hot cocoa 😉 Have a Merry Christmas, Cyndy!

  4. Welcome to your new home!
    I have noticed a decline in comments on my blog. The unique visitors are way
    up but no one says anything. It does make me feel like its my fault:(
    My publishing peeps would love for me to blog more about writing and publishing but I just want to be more social.
    I like your schedule for blogging and I think I’ll try to come up with one too..
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. It must just be the trend with blog visitors? You certainly know that writing group and I am sure they would love to gain some insight, but I fully understand wanting your blog to be your own creative space. I am hoping I can simplify just a bit with the schedule (of sorts). We shall see how it goes 🙂 Have a Merry Christmas too, Doreen!

  5. 70 degree’s! Sounds good to me! although anything above 25 degrees sounds like a heat wave to me at this point. LOL
    My theory is that the blogger’s muse union is on strike and I am sticking to it, it is all the muse’s fault…. 😀
    More seriously though, I do think a blog needs to have a basic theme with some flexibility otherwise the risk to become boring or sound like a broken record is pretty high. I like your planned schedule. I need to do something to get back on the blog wheel myself.
    I love going on home tours and yours is beautiful. I once heard it said that America started going down hill when people stop building homes with front porches and I have to say I can see why they said that. A home with a front porch is so much more inviting and allows neighbors to interact more.

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas filled with love, laughter and priceless memories!

    1. Blogger’s muse union, I am behind that theory 😉 That would make sense!! I hope you find motivation to get back on the blog wheel. It can truly be very hard to do! I think front porches are very necessary for community. We have met many of our neighbors while sitting on our porch. I highly recommend them 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and may your New Year be bright!

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