Memory Lane

The Song Remembers When

memory laneWelcome to my new weekly (I hope) series on a Song Remembers When! I know I am not the only one that hears a song and has memories flood my mind. I have been meaning to begin a series of Memory Lane posts that highlight memories that were sparked by a song on the radio.

Some memories make me crank that radio up as high as I can handle it and fully embarrass myself singing in my van. Other memories are painful and I struggle reaching for the tissue before I am unable to see the road through the tears. But all my memories are precious to me, because those moments in history, those things I have experienced, make me who I am today. The good ones bolstered me along, the bad ones caused me to grow and stretch, and hopefully helped me become a better person. Songs have a way of embedding memories and reminding us of the past. What songs make you remember when?

Questions, comments, or concerns?

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