Happy Birthday Josh

Joshua's 2nd month.4

We have a birthday very close to Christmas here.  It is such a challenge to make my Joshua feel special this close to a huge holiday, but we do try each year 🙂  I did finally have to concede that his party would have to be celebrated at another time because none of the friends are around during Christmas.

This year was a big year for my middle child. He is now 10, and that means he gets his own ID. We have a tradition for our 10-year-olds in that they get to go to work with Daddy, have a day hanging out with him, having lunch, and then getting their big kid ID card. Josh has been looking forward to this for a long time, and today, he finally gets it!!

While in Germany, there is no Chick-fil-a to get nuggets or a milk shake for the special lunch, so Josh will choose from the food court. This is great for a kiddo 🙂

Happy birthday Josh!!  You are my athlete, you are amazing with what you can make your body do and your ability to push past your fears.  I love your tender heart, your willingness to defend those being bullied, and your excitement with even hand-me-down clothes 😉  I love your eyes, your soft blond hair, and your desire to still snuggle as a 10 year old boy.  I love you Joshy!!


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